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Chibi Vampire night

Son Son :" Hello everyone !!! Son-Son here. I finally got a chance to get on the Pc. After fighting my brothers for it. Haha " " Since this is Kikki-chan world about chibi. And she put me in charge. I'd thought that I'd add somthing!! "

Son Son :" Ta-Da !!! Isn't it cute ?? I found it today !!! So I decied to add it to the post !!! I know how much Kikki-chan ♥'s Aido-senpai !! So I thought this would be the perfect pic to get things kinda start!! Hope you all like it "

Character Bio - Son Son

Name : Son Son

Age : 12

Appearance : peanut butter tan skin , round head , big eyes , small nose

Hair : Short / Long , sit around the shoulders , black , like to where it down or somtimes in pony tails

Eyes : White blue ( kinda like shiki's from Vampire Knight XD ) , big

Personality : Every outgoing , smart ( when she want to be) , can be dule at times , brave , very out spoken

About Her : Son Son live with her mother and two brothers . She the middle child of her siblings . She spend most of her day lazying around after school . Her hobbies are swimming , painting , making music and been with her friends ... She a really big fan on stir-fry and sweets . Her eldest borther has to cook for her . Other wise she end up making thing like " Peanut butter pickel " sandwhichs o.0