@SMASH! my cosplays

I was away on holidays, and came back the night before my first convention of this year (there were around 3 already... but I couldn't make it to any of them *sad face*), then stayed up till 1.30am to finish sewing because there were minor problems with one of them, and just decoration/ finishing touches on the other.

I spent the first few hours as Ciel -->
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It was so hot (even in winter) and I kept on bumping into things, my hat was falling off, my eyepatch looked dodgey and I lent my ring to my friend also doing Ciel when I changed, and she lost it. I was very hurt:( I got another one now, but it's not as good quality as the one I had before ;(

I then changed into my 85% finished Imitation Black Len cosplay! The wig needs more cutting, and I need to do the shoulder bits on the dress, hide the zipper and line the corset bit with grey. Then, buy a garter belt, black lipstick and some whitening makeup hahaha. And also wear black nail polish. I was pretty unprepared~ I didn't even know what I looked like that day in either of my cosplays... no idea what poses to do etc. so I got my mum to take a picture of me to see what I looked in when we were lining up lolz.

Photo by the ever so talented Mr. Ron. FUUUUUU I had the black bow, but you can only see it from the back:( His twin brother and girlfriend were IB Kaito and Len as well.

Oh, and the weekend before, I went to Mama-tan's second cosplay flashmob at the Sydney Opera House. I went as Rin~ same shoes I wore for IB. Hideyoshiiii <33 (eeeckkk not the most flattering picture of my animu waifu, but that's the only one I have of Hideyoshi and my shoes OTL).

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Anyways, busy again. Need... to... diet. Stupid chubby cheeks:/