Smash 2012// Nu'est

Got Tange Sakura-sensei's sign on my special edition final volume of CCS (she is the seiyuu of Kinomoto Sakura from CCS)~

Found a lot of my cosplay friends that day, but also missed many due to the size of the con. I still remember when it was at the Roundhouse at UNSW... so much more ghetto and doujin-style merchandise friendly.

Another highlight of the day: I met Namie-kun! She hugged me, and signed a tarot card she guested for Alice Overture last year T^T We both cosplayed Reimu haha (but I was Hagiwara Rin's "Gratitude" inspired blue version).

Look at the shoes I'm wearing. Then look again at Namie's height. And at my height. Either she's really tall or I'm really short :/

I saw Nu'est a few weeks ago. Pictures and post here:p

@SMASH! my cosplays

I was away on holidays, and came back the night before my first convention of this year (there were around 3 already... but I couldn't make it to any of them *sad face*), then stayed up till 1.30am to finish sewing because there were minor problems with one of them, and just decoration/ finishing touches on the other.

I spent the first few hours as Ciel -->
External Image

It was so hot (even in winter) and I kept on bumping into things, my hat was falling off, my eyepatch looked dodgey and I lent my ring to my friend also doing Ciel when I changed, and she lost it. I was very hurt:( I got another one now, but it's not as good quality as the one I had before ;(

I then changed into my 85% finished Imitation Black Len cosplay! The wig needs more cutting, and I need to do the shoulder bits on the dress, hide the zipper and line the corset bit with grey. Then, buy a garter belt, black lipstick and some whitening makeup hahaha. And also wear black nail polish. I was pretty unprepared~ I didn't even know what I looked like that day in either of my cosplays... no idea what poses to do etc. so I got my mum to take a picture of me to see what I looked in when we were lining up lolz.

Photo by the ever so talented Mr. Ron. FUUUUUU I had the black bow, but you can only see it from the back:( His twin brother and girlfriend were IB Kaito and Len as well.

Oh, and the weekend before, I went to Mama-tan's second cosplay flashmob at the Sydney Opera House. I went as Rin~ same shoes I wore for IB. Hideyoshiiii <33 (eeeckkk not the most flattering picture of my animu waifu, but that's the only one I have of Hideyoshi and my shoes OTL).

External Image

Anyways, busy again. Need... to... diet. Stupid chubby cheeks:/

closet cosplays

I tried some random closet cosplays today because my blonde wig finally arrived~ and exams are finally over! Oh yeahhhhh!!

Guess who? Haha, it's pretty obvious >_>

sketch + circle lens + more photos

I just ordered some circles lens with my friend for cosplay~ urgghhh we're shipping them 'locally' to my friend's house in Singapore, then getting her mum to send them to us in Australia! Can't wait, can't wait.

And this is me with some hazel lens I used for my Shana cosplay.External Image[/IMG]

Here's the weirdo looking sketch for Tenshi~ still not used to sketching on tablet lolz. But getting there.

/hides back in a cave