My plushie collection

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Stuff my friends won for me from UFO catchers @Capitol <3 Bwhaha I love them (my friends lolz) so much~

Takoyaki Tofu
Christmas Cake Tofu
Lucky Cat Tofu

Totoro (b'day present from my mum)

So yeah, stuff I wake up to in the morning... and I often wake up using a tofu as a pillow. Still busy busy T^T

so busy ;____;

Yeah, I've got a lot of hw, tests and assessments coming up. I'm starting to feel the stress >__________< I have to do well this year, so it's constant study, study, study! I also decided last year I'm going to give up drawing this year (but I will draw in the holidays:)

My friend told me I should keep practising, otherwise I'll forget how to draw. I don't think I'm that great anyway, so there's not much point OTL. I got told I have 0/100 artist interests and 1/100 imagination lolz. I don't want it to be true, but I guess it could be-- that's why all my pictures look the same:( Haha, but I've a few things I've never posted up, so I'll still be able to post a little every now and then.

I hope everyone is doing well, and pray for Japan.

Yay~ new updates on everything

So... I'd love to write here more, but it still takes me ages to figure out where everything is (meaning I don't log on enough). For example, I didn't know how to make a new post (again).

Lately, I'm really into tinierme! I don't know how to link my account onto here, but I play every single quest they have avaliable; Valentine's Day, Princess' Predicament, 100 Gift Giveaway, Eliminate Lord Kajak... I do it all Q_Q I also finished Doki Doki high school the first week I joined... so sad how obsessed I get with stuff like this. I made my selfy look like my OC Cherry, and I'm probably going to spam drawings of her soon =3=

Uhhh what else? I'm still working on my Ciel cosplay, and I feel like I've cosplayed a lot these past few months; been to a few photoshoots and wore every pair of coloured contacts I own. I've also been to karaoke four times in the past two months to singggggg VOCALOID SONGS!!

My favourites to sing are JBF, magnet, Melt, Romeo and Cinderella, Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki and Iroha Uta. All of them are pretty challenging to sing, but I can do it (down an octave lol). It helps a lot that I can read Japanese too lol. Uh huh, I sang with some of the guys from Lilium and Mr. Korean Guy! I would have thought more girls would know Vocaloid songs, but I guess not; all the people I know who like Vocaloid are guysXD

Sooo, yup, that's it!
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Just a quick introduction:p

Omg I don't know how to make a new post. Uh, ask me anything here (formspring)

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||Gender|| ?? (I'm sure you can guess though^^)
||D.O.B|| 15th of December 199X
||Location|| Sydney, Australia
||Height|| 147cm OTL
||Likes|| Moe// loli, purple candy
||Dislikes|| cockroaches, pink, crossing roads

I've been drawing using photoshop + tablet since... around January 2010. The fandoms I'm into at the moment are VOCALOID and Touhou.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave a comment, and offering me help. It took me over 15 mins to learn how to make this world and post lol. I also have pretty slow internet because my brother almost always uses it 3 days into the month.

Anddd, I'm the type of annoying person that has to reply to every comment. Sorry OTL (and sorry again, if I miss it because I can't reply and look at what you wrote at the same time).