DS game recommendations

Does anyone know any good games for DS? I got a 3DS from my friends for my b'day in December last year. They also got me a second hand version of Pokemon Diamond. The only other games I have is Cooking Mama 3 and Pokemon Black in Japanese--- my brother also gave me 「ソラトロボ それからCODAへ」 (it doesn't really interest me though). I would be grateful if you could tell me if you know any good games around^^

I did a bit of sewing today and yesterday night. Hopefully I'll get two cosplays done this week:D

... I'm also thinking of making a tutorial:/

Weird chip flavours

Finally back... from my 6 week holiday to Hong Kong and China. I went to Beijing as well as different areas which spoke Chiu Chow (Shantou and Shanmei). I also visited some of my cousins and my aunt in Guangzhou. It was the second time I've been to China, and whilst we did some really interesting things (like climb the Great Wall of China, go into the Forbidden City and spend a day at a hot springs resort), there were a lot of things... I didn't like D: Anyways.

We spotted this weird chip flavour in Walmart and bought it. It tasted exactly like Lemon Tea -__-

birthday presents

These are the presents I got from my friends who also like anime! Gee gee gee Miyuki actually drew me a few pictures, and a lot of my friends wrote beautiful messages for meeeeee >3<

So I got two ninja tofu, two Vocaloid artbooks,a box of mini Toblerones (white, milk and dark chocolates mmmm), an ipod classic, some Touhou and Vocaloid postcards prints and everyone's love engraved on the back on the ipod <3 How am I such a lucky person?

My birthday is in December, but I am leaving on the 30th so I had a mini celebration in advance. It was so fun... we sang 6 hour Japanese Karaoke (SO MUCH VOCALOID 実は昨日もカラオケをした!大好きだから。(^o^)/ And then I bumped into many of my cosplay friends in the city after they did a shoot. Ahh, I'm so glad because I live a little far from the city...

Anyways, I will stop rambling on. I will have new things to post soon. I'm working on too many things at once and it's confusing me.

formspring~ re-opened/ happy holidays

Hello everyone!

I've finally finished exams for the year-- gosh it's been so hot and I can't concentrate anymore. I'm going to go to Hong Kong at the end of the month with my family because my brother won the Gunpla competition at Smash (which was two tickets to Hong Kong to represent Team Australia). Before heading off, I'm going to have two birthday parties~ one my friends are throwing, and the other my parents are throwing... because they feel like it lol, I dunno. Maybe it's because I haven't done anything for a long, long time and I'm becoming a hikkikomori at home:(

So yeah, I've been pretty stressed lately. Time to play Little Busters EX to brush up my Japanese and to do some drawing. Maybe. I just don't really feel like it anymore.

Uh, anyways, I've re-opened my formspring after 7 months of disabling it for personal reasons. Feel free to drop questions because my inbox is very lonely-_____-;;

--> [B]http://www.formspring.me/cheriepy

Happy holidays everyone! Have an awesome Christmas and a happy new year! Wow, can't believe I've nearly been here for an entire year. Thank you for becoming welcoming, and making this a fun and enjoyable year for me here at theotaku^^

Gifts for all~~!

I just sent everyone a cherry~ so have a look! Ehehe (/dies) I just had an exam today. Imma gonna to space out for a few more hours then start on my assignments:(