Tasty American Candy?

My friend is going to America in a few weeks for the holidays (so jelly!) and I was wondering what I should get her to bring back to meeeeee. I like candy so I was wondering what's good and what's not?

... I would prefer stuff that is not chocolate coz it'll melt >_>


Happy Easter + SS4

Happy Easter everyone! My family doesn't really celebrate it, but since it's holidays-- it's good enough.

I saw this huge ass egg at Darrell Lea at Westfield. It's a 3.5kg freckled egg, and it costs $185AUD lol. I want to eat it though T^T

Speaking of which, my friend and I bought tickets to see Super Junior for their SS4 concert in Sydney in May. Zomg can't wait (but it set me back $170). I'm so poor my friend nearly paid for my ticket ;u; I kinda wish I knew Korean though coz I won't understand anything... why can't they speak Japanese/ English/ Cantonese instead lol. That way I can actually understand D: Yay, can't wait!!

Very useful tutorial books


Some very good books on moe style stuff. My favourite is the 'Drawing Hands and Feet Master Guide (Teashi no Kakikata Master Guide)' but I don't think it's available anymore since it was up on MU. The good news is that you can still find it floating around with google.

There's a whole bunch of those 'How to Draw Manga...' guides on page 2 and 3. I think they're okay for mechanics, but the style looks like it came from the 80s haha.

Saitohimea inital sketch

I work messy. It somehow manages to go from this to finished version. Magic.

New additions to the tofu family

At the end of January, on the first day back... my friend got me some tofus over the break <3 The big pink one, one of the small pink ninja tofu and the red oni tofu. The other ones were won by some other friends @ Capitol UFO machines. Tofu are so cute~~ love my friends hehe.

What? Is a bed for sleeping?