Green milkshake and voice meme?

I went out with my friends to Parry's Milkbar two weekends ago. It's next to the station so I always walk past it, but I've never been in. They specialise in milkshakes (of course)! And the six of us got the lime ones:D

Did anyone else watch and listen to Superstarpanou's voice meme/ drawing thing? How awesome was it? It looks fun, so I want to do a voice meme too^^

If you have any questions you want me to answer-- just comment! I think I'll also explain how to pronounce my username >w<

Anyways, I just got tagged on dA so I guess I'll answer those questions if no one asks me anything. Hurray for the end of exams~ TGIF tomorrow, have a great weekend!

Tasty American Candy?

My friend is going to America in a few weeks for the holidays (so jelly!) and I was wondering what I should get her to bring back to meeeeee. I like candy so I was wondering what's good and what's not?

... I would prefer stuff that is not chocolate coz it'll melt >_>


Happy Easter + SS4

Happy Easter everyone! My family doesn't really celebrate it, but since it's holidays-- it's good enough.

I saw this huge ass egg at Darrell Lea at Westfield. It's a 3.5kg freckled egg, and it costs $185AUD lol. I want to eat it though T^T

Speaking of which, my friend and I bought tickets to see Super Junior for their SS4 concert in Sydney in May. Zomg can't wait (but it set me back $170). I'm so poor my friend nearly paid for my ticket ;u; I kinda wish I knew Korean though coz I won't understand anything... why can't they speak Japanese/ English/ Cantonese instead lol. That way I can actually understand D: Yay, can't wait!!

Very useful tutorial books

Some very good books on moe style stuff. My favourite is the 'Drawing Hands and Feet Master Guide (Teashi no Kakikata Master Guide)' but I don't think it's available anymore since it was up on MU. The good news is that you can still find it floating around with google.

There's a whole bunch of those 'How to Draw Manga...' guides on page 2 and 3. I think they're okay for mechanics, but the style looks like it came from the 80s haha.

Saitohimea inital sketch

I work messy. It somehow manages to go from this to finished version. Magic.