Freaking out

... the end is near, and I'm freaking out. I feel like my friends all know what they want to do after they graduate but I still don't.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who doesn't know what to do with life. Any advice?

Srsly. Just let me sleep--- I've been burning out this year. Two more weeks to go...

Time for my favourite photo spams

[1] Yesterday, I went to the new-ish Daiso that opened up at Central. It was so much bigger than I imagined! I treated myself to some new lashes^^ You can't expect too much for $2.80 a pair, but they looked so purdyyyy.

[2] My dad's friend's daughter got us a box of macarons from the new Laduree. THE SALTED CARAMEL ONE IS HEAVEN. HEAVEN I TELL YOU.

[3] The American candy my friend ended up getting me for a souvenir ages and ages ago. She also got me a (pink) David and Goliath shirt. She knows I hate pink, but there was a funny story behind it. The Jolly Ranchers smelt so lovely. The normal ones were the best! The sour ones were a bit 'meh'. The texture didn't really do it for me. I loved the cherry, grape, and green apple flavours. The cherry Jolly Rancher lollipop/ sucker was also very delicious:DD

Smash 2012// Nu'est

Got Tange Sakura-sensei's sign on my special edition final volume of CCS (she is the seiyuu of Kinomoto Sakura from CCS)~

Found a lot of my cosplay friends that day, but also missed many due to the size of the con. I still remember when it was at the Roundhouse at UNSW... so much more ghetto and doujin-style merchandise friendly.

Another highlight of the day: I met Namie-kun! She hugged me, and signed a tarot card she guested for Alice Overture last year T^T We both cosplayed Reimu haha (but I was Hagiwara Rin's "Gratitude" inspired blue version).

Look at the shoes I'm wearing. Then look again at Namie's height. And at my height. Either she's really tall or I'm really short :/

I saw Nu'est a few weeks ago. Pictures and post here:p

Voice meme [uploaded]

Voice meme done~! I recorded it on my phone^^b. It was fun! I should have actually prepared better answers, but oh well. Going with the flow is the best.


(I'm not 100% sure the link works, but if it doesn't... tell me:)

It has now been deleted because I didn't want it to be lingering on the interwebs for too long :p

Green milkshake and voice meme?

I went out with my friends to Parry's Milkbar two weekends ago. It's next to the station so I always walk past it, but I've never been in. They specialise in milkshakes (of course)! And the six of us got the lime ones:D

Did anyone else watch and listen to Superstarpanou's voice meme/ drawing thing? How awesome was it? It looks fun, so I want to do a voice meme too^^

If you have any questions you want me to answer-- just comment! I think I'll also explain how to pronounce my username >w<

Anyways, I just got tagged on dA so I guess I'll answer those questions if no one asks me anything. Hurray for the end of exams~ TGIF tomorrow, have a great weekend!

Tasty American Candy?

My friend is going to America in a few weeks for the holidays (so jelly!) and I was wondering what I should get her to bring back to meeeeee. I like candy so I was wondering what's good and what's not?

... I would prefer stuff that is not chocolate coz it'll melt >_>