Chapter Fifty: The Plan

Chapter Fifty: The Plan

Two men both dressed in dark blue uniforms walked into an abandoned building. They did not speak a word to each other, because they knew that whom they saw was not the real Zero. The one they chased after at the amusement park was different. This Zero seemed to have a worried sensation coming from him.

The two walked into a large room where a small desk lamp was the only source of light that was turned on in the room. There was a tall man standing at one of the large windows in the room. He was a tall and slender man that wearing the same type of uniform as the two men that just walked into the dimly lit room were wearing. The man looked to be in his late thirties with cold eyes and a scowl on his face that seemed to be stuck there.

“By the sound of how you two walked in I would give it a guess that we have once again failed to catch Zero.” The man mentioned turning around and sitting at the desk with the light.

“We’re sorry commander.” The one on the right stated. He had light orange semi spiky hair and deep orange eyes. He looked to be in his mid twenties.

“It’s alright Daniel, it was your first day out in the field.” The commander stated.

Daniel Knock, he is usually in the labs making new equipment for the people in the arm’s force to use against “special” People and things. This force is not even a police force. They are kind of like the men in black but they deal with ancient artifacts that could have an effect on people. This group is trying to find these artifacts and or the people that have been “cursed” and study them.

“Permission to speak with you privately sir?” Daniel asked.

The commander nodded and the other man left the room, “What is it that you want to talk about Daniel?” The commander questioned resting his chin on the palm of his right hand.

“Well sir, I don’t know if this is because of watching the videos of Zero and analyzing his movements but the person that we were after tonight at the amusement park…it wasn’t…” Daniel trailed off and looked down at the floor.

He was never good at talking to people other then Taisuke, but once Taisuke left the force they brought Daniel up in his place.

“That wasn’t the real Zero.” The Commander finished and Daniel looked up at the commander shocked.

‘How did he know what I was going to say?’ Daniel thought as he kept his mouth shut and waited to see if the commander was going to say something else.

“You’re probably wondering how I knew the rest of your question right?” The commander said staring at Daniel.

The commander’s cold harsh stare sent shivers up and down Daniel’s spin. He didn’t like being in the same room as the commander for very long but he knew that he had to talk to him alone to tell the commander.

“Yes sir.” Daniel answered looking away from the commander’s gaze.

“You remember the kid Taisuke Katsu?” The commander started off.

“Y-yes sir.” Daniel stuttered. ‘Does the commander know how close we were?’ He thought hoping that their friendship had nothing to do with this talk.

“And you know he quit the force correct?” He asked.

“Yes sir, but if I may sir, I don’t understand where this is going.” Daniel mentioned with a bit of confusion in his voice.

“Taisuke was one of the best people we ever had in this force. He was extremely accurate with his shots, and excellent at hand-to-hand combat, that’s why I had him transferred to this division of the force so that he could help us capture Zero. But what he didn’t know was I had him transferred so that I could monitor him.” The commander started to explain.

“Why monitor him sir?” Daniel asked.

The commander stood up and walked over to his filing cabinet. Even in this dim of a light he managed to pull out a few files with ease and walked back over to his desk then tossed the three files down and sat back down. Daniel walked over to the Commander’s desk and looked at the three files. Zero’s file Daniel knew all too well. He constructed that file and has constantly been updating it with all the new data that he received from Taisuke when they were able to talk. What he didn’t understand was why the commander pulled out Taisuke’s file then a file of a kid that he has never heard of before.

“Who is this Kuori Youkai?” Daniel asked picking up the new file and opening it to investigate what secrets were hidden within its vanilla bindings.

“Kuori Youkai is Taisuke’s cousin, he’s probably mentioned him to you a few times while you two were getting off topic and talking about your weekend instead of giving and receiving data on Zero.” The commander commented.

‘Oh so he does know. Of course why wouldn’t he?’
Daniel mentally sighed as he continued looking through the file. “He seems to be a very bright student, I don’t see what he has to do with it.” Daniel mentioned glancing up form the file.

The commander shifted in his seat and stared and Daniel with an emotionless face for a minuet or two then took a slow deep breath and sat back in his chair. “Do you remember when Taisuke said that he was going to go back to high school to continue his education?”

Daniel didn’t look up at the professor and nodded, “But I don’t see why he did such a thing when his records say that he graduated high school at the age of thirteen.” He pointed out and opened Taisuke’s file to take a glance at it.

“That was when my suspicions started.” The commander muttered.

“Suspicions sir?” Daniel once again looked at the commander confused and he mentally took notes of everything he was reading and hearing.

The commander didn’t say anything to Daniel. Instead he pulled out a new file from his desk and placed that on top Zero’s folder.

“Kenji Hinatari?” Daniel muttered setting down Kuori’s file and opening up Kenji’s.

“When I looked at the school records, I didn’t find, Taisuke’s name, instead I found Kenji.” The commander stated.

Daniel went back and forth looking at the picture’s of Taisuke then at Kenji. ‘There’s something similar about them.’ He thought then opened up Kuori’s file once again and opened Zero’s file and looked at them together. ‘Kenji has relatively the same facial structure as Tai, and the same goes for Zero and this Kuori kid. ‘ Something seemed to click in his head and he looked up at the commander and jumped back because the commander was smiling. It wasn’t one of those kind happy to meet you smile. It was a dark sinister smile that you not want to see in this dimly lit room.

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * *
...To Be Continued...In Speechless...