10 Things I Hate About Akasuna-no-Sasori From Naruto

1. The way you flip your hair because it makes me melt.
2. Your view of art because, to be honest, I can't bring myself to agree with you.
3. You always fighting with Deidara because you are partners and friends and you should act like it.
4. Your puppet master jutsu because it makes me feel like a total wimpy let-down.
5. The fact that you turned yourself into a human puppet because it makes you so cool.
6. Your past because it makes me cry.
7. You were the first Akatsuki member to die.
8. You died fighting Sakura and Granny Chiyo of all people.
9. You always complain when someone takes longer than expected.
10. You being so amazing that I can't think of anything else about you to hate.