Wish List

Dear Secret Santa,

Two of my favorite animes are Death Note and Darker than Black. I would really like a Christmas scene with a character or characters from one or both shows! It doesn't have to be in color, I do like color though so if your feelin like it go ahead!

P.s. Just noticing we're suppose to give more than two options... sorry Santa! I also love Cowboy Bebop and Beck: The Mongolian Chop squad.

Thank you Santa

The Act of a Foolish Youth

There once was this girl,(we'll call her PS for Photo Surgeon) well she's still alive so I'll correct my error. There's this girl who in her youth made a foolish mistake. However this mistake was made in the name of art!(and also in the name of hating a teacher, but we all know what that's like.)

So PS was a sophomore in high school, at a tech school majoring in graphic design. As a sophomore she was introduced to the wonderful world of Photo Shop! This joyous meeting happened to coincide with the meeting of a disgustingly horrible teacher. As a side note in my opinion he resembles Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story.

PS had began a steamy relationship with a Rico Suave type gentleman at the end of their freshman year. They were madly in love, which seemed ridiculous given their young age but they were. PS and Rico were as happy as two pigs in... *cough Cough* clears throat. Getting into their relationship may be to much for this story so I'll move on.

Farkus was a particularly mean teacher, you know the type. The kind of teacher that really seems to hate kids, the kind that makes you ask yourself why did you become a teacher? His dastardly approach to teaching appeared to have come from the fact that he was in the army. THE ARMY. Going to his class was like a drill exercise everyday.

PS became exceptionally good at photo shop. Unusually good. So good the casual onlooker wouldn't know her pictures were doctored at all. This one day Farkus wants to show all the students something on the computer, guess what? They already know. Does he listen, yea right. While his back is turned PS motions to a friend (Taco) to get a camera. Taco grabs the camera and takes a few snap shots of PS in various poses near Farkus, unbeknown-st to Farkus of course.

Photos on a floppy (yea a floppy :P) PS gos to work. Works most of the day in fact undetected by Farkus on what is expected to be humiliation for him. Lunch rolls on by, it's the end of the day. PS gets up to print her master piece. This is where our heroine has made a grave mistake, she didn't minimize her work space when she got up to print. And none other than Farkus himself walked by. Needless to say he did not find what he saw amusing, but the entire class broke out in laughter. Not even a hint of smile crossed his freckled face.

So I suppose you may be wondering what PS did to the photo huh? This many people actually don't find funny. The principal found it in such ill humor he suspended PS. He also suspended poor Taco just for taking the picture. The picture was PS holding a Colt hand gun at Farkus's head. no blood or gore just holding the gun there. Now remember if you will this picture looked %100 real. So I guess the school got scared.

However they weren't just suspended, nope. They were sent to what we all liked to call reject school! a wonderful place where juveniles from many surrounding towns were sent. I say wonderful because, well, it was. For the most part anyway. The first day was a field trip, there was no real work, the food was free, the only problem was the other students. And also one of the conditions of them being sent there. That condition being they could have no contact with anyone from there tech school, failure to follow this rule could have resulted in expulsion, and/or legal action DUN DUN DUN!

This is where we go back to the totally hot Rico, he had an idea of what happened from classmates who witnessed some of it. But neither him nor their other friends had any clue that PS and Taco couldn't communicate with them. Upset and hurt that PS hadn't contacted him Rico began to get revenge on PS for something she couldn't control. He started to date a good friend of PS's that she had known since Tamagachis were the in thing.

Rico told Tamagachi PS broke up with him, but that they were still good friends. Tamagachi saw no reason to think he was lying, and had no way of asking PS personally. And so they dated.

Three months later PS and Taco returned to the tech, declared mentally sane by their reject school. Everyone in their class was happy to have them back (with the exception of Farkus.)PS started chatting with Tamagachi about things missed while away, when she got the news. Heart broken PS went to Rico and asked him about it, he was cold to her and didn't care what she had to say. He thought she should have found a way to talk to him, he just wouldn't listen.

Following PS's return Rico broke it off with Tamagachi. Her and PS remained friends. I would like to end this story happily with the two lovers forgiving one another and returning to the way things were. But that isn't what happened. They stayed apart and didn't speak to or acknowledge one another again until 2 years after graduation. They ran into each other literally, at a concert. They silently stared in a sea of noise into one an others eyes, then walked away.

The moral of the story, well there's two. Don't date a friends ex unless you're absolutely sure the friend is cool with it, and don't forget to minimize what you don't want seen.

Scott Farkus

Hate to Love <3

My story has a similarity with KuboRocks, you see I absolutely hated anime with a burning passion that I thought could never be extinguished.
My first actual awareness of anime was a girl I met in middle school so completely obsessed with Pokémon I wanted to puke. This girl was highly annoying to me and so my idea about anime was not in a good light from the very beginning.

So middle school came and went not much contact or interest in anime. I went to a high school in a different town I only knew maybe 3 people in the whole school. It was time to make new friends, well guess what? They found me! Loud, crazy acting anime freaks! They tried with all their might to get me into anime, couldn’t do it. Every year of high school they would try and convince me to go to Anime Boston, now to me it sounded like nothing but torture. So I would never go.

High school came and went. First year of college a friend of mine from high school asks me to go to the con with her again. At this point I had stumbled across an anime on adult swim called S-Cry-Ed, it was on at I think 2 in the morning every week night once I saw it I was hooked. I made sure I stayed up every night to watch it. Now of course I had not admitted this to her or any of my friends, how could I?! So I told her I would go.

That was the beginning of the end for me

I fell in love with all of it everything was so incredible to me. What really did me in was the AMV contest, I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. There was one in particular still one of my favorite amvs. It was Death Note with the song Bird and the Worm by the Used.
So that prompted me to watch Death Note, and simultaneously get into a whole new genre of music. So here I am still really a newbie I suppose, I could ramble on now about what else happened at Anime Boston, or other amvs that resulted in obsession but I believe I have noted the actual reasoning for my obsession today.

A side note: I am so obsessed now that my license plate reflects my fandom (kind of pathetic I know, but I love it!)