Livestream Tonight

There will be a Livestream of CHACK tonight, probably starting at around 7:30 p.m. EDT. Like I said, questions and comments are open. I will likely have a mic going, so instant answers, whee!

The link for the stream is right here: Clicky.

CHACK Trope Project

As something mildly amusing and mostly time-wasting, I've decided to make a page here for posting tropes that have been featured in the strips of CHACK. Please feel free to post additions in the comments (but please keep in mind that your comment ...

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Contest Results

Hey, guys. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you that entered something in the contest. It's greatly appreciated. It was really hard to sort out who should end up where in the ranking, but I finally got it figured out. Th...

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Hey, There & Important Question of Importantness

So I decided to make a world for everything CHACK-related. Better late than never, right?

Everything about CHACK will be uploaded here: news, contest announcements, everything. That being said...

As those of you that tuned in to the CHACK 55 (!) Livestream learned, a CHACK store is currently in the works. Right now, I'm looking at starting at CafePress, since I don't know how to go about getting on SharkRobot or anything like that. But this is where you come in.

There has only been one design cemented thus far. What designs would you like to see in a CHACK store? This is a serious question, folks, so please be serious with your answers. What would you honestly buy if I made it available?

Please feel free to ask any questions about the store here, too.




Yeah, you read the title right.

I'm taking questions about CHACK. Once the current arc ends, we'll spend the transition to your regularly scheduled gag-a-week bit by having the characters answer your questions. I will also answer general questions about the comic.

Everything is fair game, so ask away.