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More Music

When I was packing my shit for college, I was going through some tapes to see which ones were used and which ones weren't so I could decide which ones to take. Most of them were completely blank, but there were a few finished or near-finished songs scattered about them. I figured that since the response to my first upload was so positive, I'd up these as well.

This first one is more solo stuff, consisting mainly of guitar, keyboards, and mandolin. The last one even has vocals! You're already familiar with the second track, though I decided to add it anyway because it fit with the rest of them.

Get it here.

The second one is the culmination of a night of shitty improvisation with my friend. I played guitar and sang (shrieked), and my friend played wah-wah bass and a broken yardsale keyboard. The results were:

  • An instrumental noise rocker that sounds like an asshole pushing a lawnmower through an empty gymnasium while a cartoon character hops around in the background.
  • An overlong funk song with a bass solo and orgasm noises.
  • A rancid, out-of-tune country-polka that disintegrates into guitar noise.
  • The only song with vocals. It's difficult to describe. A lyrics sheet is included in the .zip file.
  • And, a ragtime ditty with some fat guy getting spanked in the background.

Get it here.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

EDIT: Track 2 of the second link is broken, but I've upped it again separately.

I know some of you are interested, so...

I uploaded a recording I did last night.
Get it here.

Right now it's strictly demo quality, there are no vocals as of yet and I will probably end up rerecording bits and pieces of it later (like that tambourine).

By the way, I recorded it using one of these bad boys:
External Image
because I'm oldschool as fuck.

If you enjoy it, drop a comment or something. If you hate it, comment and tell me why.

By your request...

back again


I know I've bitched about chat before, but this is some next level annoyance I'm experiencing right now. If you come gather round, I'll tell you the story of how it all went down, yo.

So there I was, bored out of my mind because my girlfriend has been catching up with old high school friends over her spring break, and what the fuck else can I do on a Monday (??? (I don't even know anymore, man)) night besides go knocking around the good old tubes? So I hit up a few *chans, got me some fappables, read too many articles on this addicting little website right here, and then ended up watching blues guitar tutorials on Youtube. And then I thought, "Oh, theotaku's chat! I haven't been there in like a week!!" (and, sorry to say, feels excellent, man)

I clicked my way over here to see what was up. The Member Backroom's prognosis seemed pretty good: nearly two rows of people, most of whom have been mildly entertaining to chat with in the past. However, I've never encountered a more pretentious wankfest in all my life.

Old internet memes were flying like bullets in a warzone, making an appearance in at least 1 of every 5 remarks. The conversation was stiff, the jokes were unfunny, and more than half the people were condescending assholes. Not exactly my idea of a good time.

I have to wonder if chat's always been this way, and my own lack of social experience was what prevented me from recognizing what a fucking awful experience the whole thing was. I don't think that's the case, because there are some totally radical people I met in chat that I still love talking to. But my perspective had to shift somehow, because I don't remember it being this bad, and there's no way that the entire rest of the chat population changed.

I mean, even before I used to think that the lobbyists et al were a bunch of jack-offs, but now I'm beginning to get the impression that quite a few of them are neckbearded manchildren to boot.

And then I went away from my keyboard for a bit, and I came back to find a side room that wasn't dedicated to roleplaying with a handful of people in it. Still, it feels rather dull.

It has to be me. It really does. Or maybe it's just an off day. Regardless, I'm having a nice, tall glass of fuck this shit. I've had a decent run with the chat, but I can't glean any pleasure from it anymore. So, I'm out.

I'll still drop back in every once in a while to see how things are, and for now my decision to get the hell out of here is only tentative. But anyway, see you guys in another lifetime or the next time crushing boredom overwhelms me.

Are we alive?

Or are we all a bunch of fucking zombies?