Scatterd Flower Petals

(I'm bad at spelling but hope you enjoy my story)

I sit down as I pick up a flower. I put in my hair and keep sitting in a park alone. But then I see a man. He sits next to me and I blush just by looking at him. "Hello, how are you today Miss". I was still blushing but I hade the courage to answer back "I'm good what your name.." I sighed with relve from finshing my sentence. "Oh my name Danny whats your name beutiful". Know I was shacking so nervous but hade to answer "My name is Rose". "Is it because your as beutiful as the flower." I hade to leave when he asked that I was one nervous and my name brought back memories bad memories "I'm sorry but I have to go" I get up but then he grabbed my hand "Don't go Rose". I look at him with tears in my eyes.