Okay your probaly wondering wait there was a soul eater center right it isn't just me. Well i wanted a world were i can tell you about me since everyone else does i felt lonely lol. So will have fun don't worry it okay. Well any way you just enter in the random zone please stay cotined.

This is a video that me and my friends made its in a couple videos check it out there funny :3 you can skip most of it in this first ep.

I'm pushing myself to make this manga!

Okay I been wanting to make a manga and post it. well I been trying to think of a genre I could go with and stick with. After much though and reading mangas I decided on Yaoi! I know what you thinking will it be M rated and stuff. If anyone makes request for M rated Yaoi I will do that but until that time it'll just be kissing.
Anyway I just finished the front of the manga and i have how to read section. So know all i have to do is do the pages. I believe i'll do five pages and that way i'll be ahead and so on and so forth. So i hope your excited and sorry I havent been around my lazyness has taken it toll on me.
with love,
xdaisyx :3

When will he stop toying with my emotions?

I know where no longer together and I miss you but stop saying you might pick me again. Stop saying you like other girls. Once you tell me these things do you relise how I feel? Of course you don't because if I told you how I really feel i be scared to lose you. I cant let you go even though we been apart this long. Thats why I want to cry when you say I might want to be with you again. My heart aches a thousand times and I get so nervous hearing those words. I might sound like a pathetic fool that is obessed with you but thats because of how I feel for you. I may seem young to the adults to feel "love" but you put me under your spell and can't snap out. I keep saying sorry for every mistake because you have changed many times since we departed. You seem more angry and confused more then ever. I hope even if you don't choose me you get through it and be happy for the rest of your life.
By: xdaisyx (if i have not answered your comments I am truly sorry my computer being mean but my grandmoms computer I will use. So keep leaving comments. thank you)

Another Surgery

Okay Tuesday this week so in two days from now i'm having another surgery

the dentist failed to do there job right it failed to bond correctly
they put me to sleep but i think this whole thing could of been avoided if they did it right

well least the bond fail didn't kill me or anything it just made me bleed for a couple secounds
so at least i get of from work and my parents will treat me to "one last meal" like something pizza

and my internet back so as soon as i can i'll put something up coloring and outlining

Wonderful Internet

My internet broke and went slow
yes isn't the computer wonderful i stole my friends computer to tell you guys and girls ^^u

any way i hope i can get it fixed so i can get up new art work and whets going on in my life spicily since i got the relationship :3

any way idk why else to say i have to spend time with my friends so later i will try to fix it and our use my phone to post whets going on or steal my friends computer

love xdaisyx

Romeo and Juliet project!

Alrighty I'm sorry for not posting anything new but im doing a project
its about Rome and Juliet hence the title
any way so far im almost done but i got to right a three page paper of an alternit ending for the play i think in play style
i heard crazy ideas from my peers (Zombies, Friar dies, Nurse gets slaughterd, and Juliet pops out a baby)
Some weird ones but so creative.
any way i got an idea how to do mine but not sure yet.
I have to do another thing for the same class Lit. Journal yup my teacher trying to kill me!
Any way hope i really dont die that be ockward
Hopefully right after school ill be drawing away and if i can think of ideas maybe just maybe an actual comic proably not cause i got a job for the summer but maybe
TA TA For now (project due tomorrow to )
<3 xDaisyx