Pokemon X and Y (For the 3DS) ((EDIT! Another video and more info))

First off, I'd like to thank Darkarax for notifying us about this. I'm here to help spread the news. :3 LETS BEGIN!

So the first thing I'm going to show is the video~

What's known upon revealing
Since this was recently revealed not a lot is known about these upcoming games. So I won't be able to tell you about any of the game mechanics. :( All we know is that it's for the 3DS, totally diverts the 2D RPG world of Pokemon we once knew and loved, and brings new innovative ways to do things.

As you noticed, there are 3 new starter characters. you know what this means~ ^^ SIXTH GEN AW YEAH! B)

So, first off we have an adorable little chipmunk with a hat called Chespin. Isn't he so cute? :D This little fellow is the 6th Gen's grass-type starter. Unnfortunately, there's no info on his stats, moves or anything, yet. :

Second off, we have Fennekin, a fox with bushy ears and an adorable face~ I secretly think.... >> << >>.... *whispers* this one will be a female. ewe Naaahhh All starters were males, except in pokemon R/B/Y because they didn't have GENDERS!!!! :DDDDDDD So they were "it"s >w< Anyways, this pokemon shall be the 6th Gen's fire-type starter :3 THIS POKEMON IS GOING TO BE MY STARTER HANDS DOWN >.>;;

And finally, we have le frog with the spherical mustache/glasses/nose/balls on face thing, Froakie. :D.......................... Ok I'm sorry, but I really dislike the design on this pokemon. the first two were fine, especially Fennekin, but this..... this is not Pokemon. It's nowhere near cute. And those eyes..... they're just.... no! They bulge out waaayyyy too much! And why does he have a mane? Frogs don't have manes! I don't care how cartoon-y it is, this just doesn't look right. And I thought Trubbish was bad. -__- I mean they tried covering it up by saying "The combination of garbage bags and industrial waste caused the chemical reaction that created this Pokémon." .....Really? That's a borderline FAIL. What so is 'Dex going to say "This Pokemon used to be a prince, but was kissed by a frog and turned into one, himself." (Backwards version of The Frog Prince Ok, Ok, I'll stop dogging the little mutant prince. This Pokemon is the 6th Gen's water-type starter.

Alright! So there's two legendary Pokemon so far in Pokemon X and Y. Lemme tell you something..... I have never been this disappointed in in Game Freak's creativity in their legendary pokemon designs. These two new legendary pokemon are straight up garbage. Now I won't jump to connclusions on this. There are several possibilities as to why pokemon these days just don't make up for pokemon back in thee day. It's possible the old artist retired or died, it's possible a new artist was hired, it's possible the artist's style changed, hell it's even possible that they're trying to grab more attention than just the previous crowd. Who knows.

I personally LOVE the old style Pokemon. Back in the day pokemon was FRESH. it had it's own creativity box and didn't go out of it. the style was very unique. Now, it's just like..... WTF? It makes me want to cry, honestly. I love Pokemon, but these new styles.... It's honestly making me second guess. I won't give up just yet, but really.

So The first legendary pokemon is the Y-Chromosome shaped bird called Yveltal (pronounced ee-VELL-tawl and likely the mascot for Pokémon Y... just a hunch). It looks like a giant claw with little claws attaached to it..... with a beak. I don't know it's type yet, but we can all assume it's probably a fire type.

The second legendary pokemon is the X-Chromosome Shaped deer called Xerneas (pronounced ZURR-nee-us, which I'm guessing is the mascot for Pokémon X). Those Antlers make me think of nerves that would be in the body. Again, I don't know it's type, but it could be either a water-type or a psychic type. If it's a psychic type, maybe the antlers signify it's brain exploding cuz it's soooo smart :D *SHOT* Jk Jk

So far that's all I have for now on these games. REMEMBER! These games come out October 2013. That's 9 MONTHS away. So don't assume this is the final project.


Thanks to Eneko for showing me this video, we have more information on X and Y.

NowREMEMBER. This video is consists only of thoughts and possibilities. Just because he says something that'll peak your interest, doesn't mean it'll be true. So, do notget your hopes up. Enjoy the video. :)