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I've actually been a member since 1/13/09

Name: Shayde

Age: 25

Birthday: 3/14/91 (March 14th, 1991)

Sex: Male.

Religion: Somewhere between agnostic and atheistic.


Yeah, I know

I'm still missing her. Honestly, I'm being so pathetic about this. I'm doing my best to be cheerful and not show my true emotions to people, but the truth is it's taking a toll on me. I can't mask them like I used to. Hell, I was at my friend Jeremiah's house yesterday and I pretty much broke down to him saying I'm a fuck up and everything... he was being supportive and saying who knows what'll happen in the future. We might get back together and stuff. It's sad and pathetic of me that I keep waiting everyday for a text I know won't ever come... He concluded with two options for me: either move on or keep holding on until something happens. Move on? I mean, I know exactly why I'm holding on, but it's like I can't just let go that easily even though I know I'll never get another chance... I am kind of glad I got to talk to him. He said he was able to relate in certain aspects with me. Such a good friend, that he is. I was able to regain my composure and continue chilling with him after a little while and apologized about what happened. But yeah... it's getting rough on me mentally and emotionally. What can I do? I do love her. I just hope I can get better at masking my emotions again.

Pokémon S/M Demo

So, I got to play the demo do Sun and Moon and I gotta say, reeeaaallly liking what they've done aesthetically. I can see Game Freak is trying new things to make this generation pretty cool. I loved how hey twined Ash-Greninja into it using Greninja's Battle Bond ability. The game really "pops" into your face with all the vibrant colors that Alola is comprised of. If I have were to have complaint about this generation's gameplay, it would be the fact that I can't use the D-Pad to move around (I mean come on! I'm a veteran here! That's what I grew up using throughout the series XD) and how the Skull grunts wave there arms around all over the place when they're talking. I get that that's just part of what they're themed around and who they are, but I just find the flailing waves a bit too much. It's more of just a personal thing. XD I will say I really like their character design especially on Plumeria. owo So far so good on this generation. I suggest picking up a copy when it comes out on the 18th next month.

Here's my contribution to this month

So, I was watching a friend playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and they were on the Shadow Temple. Throughout the temple there is this creepy picture of a rabbit head/skull being held up by arms popping out of a rabbit hole and, even during my childhood I thought that was one of the creepiest pictures I've ever seen in my life. So I looked it up on the internet and decided to do my own little bit of magic to it. I took the picture, made it black and white, lightened it up a bit, found some .png pictures of blood splatters and drips, darkened them, and overlayed them of the eyes. I then took a picture of static and overlayed it over the primary picture so it'd give it a more static-ey, hazy feel as if you were looking at it through a tv screen or so, placed some text and ta-dah~~ So, yeah. I'm considering this an early Halloween contribution.

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I woke up this morning and everything was spinning. It was actually somewhat hard to stand up once I was able to get out of bed. I figured it was just because it was pretty warm in my room, so I went out to lie on the couch. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I told my mom about what was happening and how my body was reacting to the dizziness and she told me it was most likely vertigo. I found out that she has it and my grandmother (her mother) has it as well, so I'm thinking it can possibly be hereditary. I looked up what could cause it to take effect and I noticed that high amounts of stress can cause it to start. Joy. If I wanted to be dizzy I'd just go ahead and jump into a bottle of rum or something.

The dream...

I had a dream last night that my ex surprised me by flying back over without me noticing and waited until I got home. When I got home she was sitting on the couch, saw me and started crying. She got up, came over and hugged me in which I started crying, too. I said I was sorry for everything I've done and told her I would be a better man to her and she nodded. We got back together and went out for the rest of the day. We came back that night and went to bed together holding hands. I woke up this morning........ and noticed the other side of the bed was cold and empty...... i felt so alone again..... I just want to go back to sleep and never wake up again... it felt so real........ I thought it was real........ I was so happy in that dream......