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Forgotten Island Character--Allen

Here's my character for Forgotten Island!

Name: Allen

Age: 22

Former occupation: (determines skill effectiveness): Registered nurse

Weapon: (it’s a dog eat dog world out there, gotta have one) Shotgun, Bow,
Hunting knife

Alignment: (Chaotic, Neutral, or Lawful + Good, Neutral, or Evil i.e. Chaotic Good) Lawful good

Backstory: (about a paragraph)

Allen was a nurse at one of the first hospitals in the Midwest to see the virus. He was also the only survivor from his family. After his family died, he headed East to investigate the cause of the virus. Along the way he met up with the others, and decided to go to Hawaii with them.

Now, you have 25 points to spend on skills. Use all points to make a character that fits your strengths.

Intelligence: (smartitude) 6

Strength: (how much you can exert your muscles) 4

Endurance: (how long you can exert your muscles) 6

Speed: (how fast you are, both in running speed and reflexes) 5

Vitality: (how healthy you are, and how fast you can recover from a wound) 4

Make sure you use all 25 points!

Physical Description: Short, black hair, brown eyes, Tall (About 6’ 3”), 180 lbs., muscular.

Image: (optional)

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OK, so...I was looking through my wallpapers today, and noticed that four had gotten lost in cyberspace (all of them were uploaded and there a month ago).

Has anyone else had similar problems? Just curious.



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