The theme of this world will change according to my moods...visit often to see what's new!
It'll contain random thoughts, jokes, and will feature art that I like (and, maybe someday, my own lousy sketches and doodles--I'll need lessons first :-P ).

And the editing continues...

I just realized that I've spent almost four times as long editing my NaNo novel as I did writing the stupid thing in the first place--and I'm still nowhere near done.

I hate my life right now.

Senior Otaku!!

I can't quite believe it! I've been promoted to Senior Otaku!

Thank you to all for making me feel so at home here for the past year (give or take)!

Old writing exercise

Another no-title writing exercise Tricia lay in bed for hours, wide awake, with the blankets tangled around her. Her long, auburn hair framed her face as she tossed and turned, trying to find the magical position that would allow sleep...

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Really lame short story (That I wrote)

Based on the picture found here. David stood holding his umbrella and staring at the old footbridge, and let his mind wander back. It had been a day just like today whe...

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Leaving--back as soon as I can

I just wanted to wish all of my friends on the O a good week. I'll be back on regularly starting the 30th.