The theme of this world will change according to my moods...visit often to see what's new!
It'll contain random thoughts, jokes, and will feature art that I like (and, maybe someday, my own lousy sketches and doodles--I'll need lessons first :-P ).

Looking for anime suggestions

I'm almost done watching Outlaw Star, and looking for suggestions on what to watch next.

The best laid plans...

Well, I only just now started watching again, surprise visit from family made this a crazy afternoon.

I love Sunday!

Well, just checking in. I'm off to church soon, then, after that, a fun-filled afternoon of watching anime. Life is good.

Resubmit of "The secret origins of my username"

Note: Due to dissatisfaction with the world, the original submission is unavailable.
My username is simply my first and last initials repeated three times each and my date of birth. I picked it because it has personal meaning (and has the bonus of being easy to remember).

Not terribly original, but I like so many anime/manga series, I didn't want to be tied down to any given one.

So there you have it the secret origin of my username--REVEALED!!!