The theme of this world will change according to my moods...visit often to see what's new!
It'll contain random thoughts, jokes, and will feature art that I like (and, maybe someday, my own lousy sketches and doodles--I'll need lessons first :-P ).


Sorry, having a rough night with the family.

If anyone could post links to happy pics, i'd appreciate it!


Just finished rewatching Samurai X: Reflections...

Kenshin dying at the end, so sad, so tragic, so...wrong!

The poor guy deserves a happy ending.

I like the OVAs, don't get me wrong, but I choose to ignore the whole Kenshin dying thing, who's with me?

Think I'll start a world to that effect, look for it soon!

A request

I'd like to ask all of you to give me feedback about what you like and don't like about my wallpapers. My aim is to improve, and if there's something that bugs you, tell me, please!

Also any tips would be appreciated!

Monop...just shoot me now.

Seriously, supervising/being banker for three kids under 11 playing monopoly? I'll pass, thanks. :-P

Side note... baby-sitting kills diets.
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Over the next few days I'll be uploading 1280x1024 and 1280x800 versions of all of my wallpapers. From now on all new submissions will also have these resolutions. However, I work in 1024x768, so the widescreen versions may be somewhat distorted, and I apologize. If you have any requests, PM me and I'll see what I can do--I will make the original in a widescreen format by request.