Hello, hello! And welcome to my fanfiction World, YEAH TOAST! Here, you'll find my fanfics relating to anime and manga that are already out there. Looking for my originals? You can go back to my portfolio and go to the World titled "Unleashed Imaginations" for those. Looking for my regular blog? Same, but instead look for a World titled "ooh... shiny." Another option for my main blog is my myOtaku site, which can be found here

Why a title so random as "YEAH TOAST!"? because the Toast Song is awesome, that's why! And it's random. Since a good majority of the fanfiction I write are humorous little one-shots that make no sense, it fits perfectly.

And now (or at least when I have some stuff up here), on to the fics!

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The Deal

A/N: while most of my fics are written in one sitting or are worked on over a short period of time, I worked a couple months on this one. Procrastination was the main culprit, but a mild case of writer's block in the middle of it didn't help eithe...

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