A little late...

Hello everyone.

I know it's a bit late, but I just wanted to talk about everything going on in Japan at least once. Most people don't know this, But my grandmother is Japanese, and she was supposed to be in Japan on tuesday to visit her parents, something of which she does every year.
Well, after I found out about the earthquake and tsunami, first thing I did was show my Mom, and then we both immeadiatly tried to get in contact with my grandparents, who live in New York city. We couldn't contact them untill today. We were so certain that a family member in Japan was lost and that she had just completely fallen apart. Luckily, it turned out to just be a phone malfunction, but we were all worried and looking for everything we could on the internet about the disaster. My Mom got to the point where she almost jumped on the next plane to New York!

Her and my Grandfather have both been monitoring Japan's status, and trying to reach friends and family on Japan. Once again, Luckily no one was to badly hurt. Other families weren't so lucky though. Even if they did survive the tsunami, people still don't have all the needed things we have. In Tokyo, they have to ration the electricity so that they don't run out. For a couple of hours a day, they have no power. In other areas, there is no fresh water. Currently, now power, means no heat, and she tells me it can get preety cold over there right now.

If you wish to learn more, visit the >Japanese Red Cross<
And if you would like to find out how to Donate, >press here<

Thankyou, everyone, and If you can't afford to donate, please send your prayers, Japan's way.

^_^ ありがとう (thank You)