Some Wierd Things that Happened

Okay, well my Mum's boyfriend, James was walking home from work when this Indian man came up to him and said he was a Face and Palm Reader. He then scribbled something on a piece of paper and put it into James's hand. The Indian man then asked his facourite colour, (Blue), favourite flower (rose) and what type of Pet he has (Dog). James answered the questions and then then eh opened the piece of paper. On it said Blue, Rose and Dog. o_0

The man said that James had had some trouble in his life about a year ago. He the scribbled something on a piece of paper, then asked was it financual (cant spell) or relationship troubles. James replyed and then he opened the piece of paper and there was the answer!!

THEN, the man said the James had had a big accident about 2 or 3 years ago (yes, it was a motorcycle accident)and said that he was going to have a car accident in 1 to 3 years from now. Either he was going to be a pedestrian or the driver. (this is really scary)

Heh... The Indian man asked for $470 to wish him good fortune and to make the accident not as bad... James asked for his number so he could think about it.

What would you do???

This is some scary shit! :D

Lucky Star Sailor Fuku!

Afew weekends ago I went to an anime festival and cosplayed! It was so much fun but making the sailor fuku took ages... Just for the shirt part, it took 5 hours... Exept I was eating dinner and watching TV.

My Auntie made the skirt, and the top was bought but I sewed the rest.

You know the Lucky Star albums? Well heres volume 14! Mwahahah... Blured face.

My First Post

Hi! Thsi si my first post on Ca??CaT. The title of this world was supposed to be C☆CaT... But some strange stuff happened in the process.

I have just moved schools and I have no one in my main class that likes anime... Its so sad. But if anyone comes across this world that goes to MGC, give me a PM.

Today, the whole of my year went to this comedy performance and it was hilarious! The acts were teenagers that did stand up and some of the performances were better than some professional comedians pieces! *oops, i just tried to save what ive done so far, you know, ctrl+S in microsoft word. XD* Two girls from my school did a stand up which was awesome. It was based on them being asian, with really strict parents, 98% on a Math test and fryed rice. Oh, and Pokemon.

Right now, Im saving up for Pokemon Platinum for Nintendo DS. Is it different to Pokemon Diamond? If someone known, just tell me.

My cousin, TokyoKisshu, found a rumor on the internet that there is going to be an American cast Death Note Movie... And Zack Efron would play as Light Yagami (Yagami backwards= ImAGay...Lol). It would eb such a strange roll for a Diseny, teenage heart throb to play such an evil character as Light. So strange.

I cant think of anyting elso to write, so I think my first entry is done!
Thanks for reading! =^._.^=