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Price List:

  • Pencil Image - Head Shot/Bust Sketch SINGLE: $8.00
  • Pencil + Ink - Head Shot/Bust SINGLE: $9.00
  • Pencil Image - Head Shot/Bust Sketch MULTI: $10.00
  • Pencil Image - Basic: $10.00
  • Pencil + Ink - Head Shot/Bust MULTI: $11.00
  • Pencil + Ink - Basic: $13.00
  • Digital Sketch - Basic: $14.00
  • Pencil Image - Detailed: $15.00
  • Digital - Basic - SINGLE COLOUR: $15.00
  • Pencil + Ink - Detailed: $16.00
  • Digital - Basic - DUO COLOUR: $17.00
  • Digital Sketch - Detailed: $19.00
  • Digital - Basic - TRI COLOUR: $20.00
  • Digital - Detailed - SINGLE COLOUR: $20.00
  • Digital - Detailed - DUO COLOUR: $23.00
  • Digital - Detailed - TRI COLOUR: $27.00
  • Full Colour Digital Illustration (1000x1000px): $35.00

Digital commissions are email ONLY. They will not be posted in the mail. All traditionally made work will be posted in a mailing tube. Postage dependent on location.

Job - Comic Artist Needed


UNPAID - I am searching for a comic book artist that has experience in illustration and comic book creation. You do not need qualifications, but it would be helpful if you know how to structure comic pages correctly to give it that edge. The correct applicant must be skilled at drawing and have a style suitable for a comic book. (IE: Marvel/DC, or Manga style.) While unpaid, I am looking to expand my portfolio as a writer while giving artists the opportunity to expand theirs at the same time. The comic will be initially around 20 to 24 pages. The script will be mailed piece by piece over the course of a few months to make it easier to handle. (If you require a longer period of time, feel free to request it.) In the future the aim is to get enough interest to perhaps actually publish and sell the main plot idea. Anyone who may be interested in joining up and enjoys close collaboration would be perfect, as if the idea takes off they will be asked to create on a regular basis and (Of course) receive royalties and credit for any work created afterwards.

Job Opportunity

I have recently posted a job opportunity on SkillPages.com.

Please feel free to join and apply if you think that you can lend a hand.


Coming Soon!

Cyberlox falls! What are Cyberlox, you ask? Well, why not try Googling it. Oh, fine... Be lazy... Here's a link: ...

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