"There is no emoticon to describe how I am feeling!" Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome, everybody and nobody.


Current Status (Is Same Status)

Time to update this thing...with nothing of real substance. Sorry about that, but I guess this is all I can cook up now.

Here's a picture of Shiina Pikarin. Alt-idols are where it's at.

And that chat thing coming up at the end of this months looks interesting. I might stop in to see who's all there.

Over and out.

Resistance is Futile

This song just kills. The brand new Babymetal video:

I'm surprised there isn't a Babymetal category here, considering this is the band that broke the internet.


Hey, who is that person down there criticizing certain sections of North American news media for their bias?

Basketball riot triggers race conversation

Hash tags can be wonderful things if used correctly, I think.


Okay, so I didn't submit any fanart last year. I normally do at least 1 pic, but I didn't even make that last year. I guess I owe 2014 one piece, so it looks like I'll be doing 2 pictures for 2015 (unless I don't do one again, and then it'll be 3 ...

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Judgment Day

At long last, the Blu-ray for A Certain Scientific Railgun was released today! Yes, I'm a tad excited, considering I preordered it on...Octobe...

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