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Business Never Personal

When you follow the right members in Twitter, you sometimes get a chance to see the industry conducting serious business:

Bring Forth The Winter Season

Well, I had planned one of those grand Best-of-Whatever-Year posts here, but that never came about. (A Certain Scientific Railgun S might have been my favorite last year.) I'll have to make do with quickly moving on to what's up for this ...

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Cyberbrain

From Ghost in the Shell "Stand Alone Complex" OST 3: "Christmas in the Silent Forest" by Ilaria Graziano

But Is It Philosophy?

I have a quick question directed to anyone who has seen Baccano! Would you consider it a philosophical anime? I haven't seen it, so I could only guess (and guesswork won't do). I ask because one club I belong to over at MAL is deciding if Baccano! should be on the Relations List for their philosophy club. I wasn't a member when it was first put on the list, so I don't know what the arguments (if any) were for including it the first time. I would find any comments you have on this question helpful, since it wouldn't just be me spouting whatever the heck is in my uneducated head!

As for my part, I'm questioning the inclusion of Humanity Has Declined on the list. I recently rewatched it, and loved it just as much the second time around! Still, it seems to be better watched as satire, even closely along the lines of early The Simpsons (I'm not kidding). Both are excellent at showing the foibles and misgivings of humanity, and they do it well from a satirical standpoint. In terms of written works I'd place Humanity Has Declined as being closer to Orwell's Animal Farm than to Rawls' A Theory of Justice.

Okay, please excuse me while I go and rearrange my BRS figma into yet another crazy pose. (Yes, my glow for my ludicrous toy still hasn't faded, haha.)

Word Clouds

The other day I was playing with the word cloud generator Tagxedo. I'd seen some on Twitter generated for a couple of accounts, and decided to try it out, too. However, instead of doing a Twitter account, I decided to make it more interesting by generating one from theO. More specifically, I made one based on the Bossman's Guestbook:

Hey, what's that one word standing proudly near the top of the cloud? The one that rhymes with "roll"? You'll also see words like "hug", "thanks", "friend", and "great", as well. All in all, I think it's a great cloud.

When I fiddle around with the settings more, I'll generate another, but till then go have fun and make some clouds of your own!