Woohoooo!!!! WeEeEeElllllcooome!!!! *runs in a circle*
Welcome to...
(which translates to random stuff!!!)
hmm...what to sayyyy.......

Uh, about moi.. I will tag things with a lot of stuff! Like, no joke! The pic will be of an angel and I'll tag it with soccer! Really, I will!
You have been warned!
I overuse exclamation marks!!! Like I'm doing now!!!
You may call me anything you like! Some names people call me: anime, animeye, animeye101, animeeye...
Manga I own:

Angle/Dust (there's only one volume! D= )
Yotsubato/Yotsuba/Yotsuba&! books-1 and 4 (-_-')
Kashimashi books-1 and 2
Hikaru no Go books-1, 2, and 4 (eh heh heh..)
Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit's Tale-books 1 and 2
Hibiki's Magic-book 1
Mystical Prince Yoshida-kun!-book 1
Et Cetera-book 1
Kon Kon Kokon-book 1 (And it's been that way for too long, darnit! Stupid Broccoli Books company!!!)
Dragon Eye-book 1
Strawberry Marshmallow-book 1
Cherry Juice-book 1
Last Hope-book 1
Wow, I dun have that many..
Don't feel stupid if you've never heard of any of these; nobody has.
The first manga I ever read is Yotsubato book 1. Yippee!

Anime I own:

Azumanga Daioh
Scrapped Princess (the second one ^^')

Manga/anime I wish I had:

Death Note
Scrapped Princess (the first one)
Invader Zim


Everyone else's intro's are so much longer than mine. I feel stupid. xP

Have a spaztastical time!

~~Have a super fantastical wonderific day! *llama*

You don't miss the water until you BREAK YOUR FRIGGIN' THUMB

Well I didn't exactly break it, but I did tear the ligament so I can't do anything with it. I have to waer this casty-bracey thing that gets in the way of everything. As luck will have it, the thumb just has to be on my right hand, so I can't draw, and I can hardly write. It took me an hour to write six sentences with my left hand. D:
So, I do have some drawings from a while ago that I can post, although they're not colored.
So, people.. how's life? I've been seeing lovely drawings from various people on theO recently. :)
Um.. so that's pretty much it. :)

Woot!!! I'm alive!

Hey! I am alive! It seems like I am not though..
I haven't been on in awhile.. I don't like that....

Anywho, I have a few WIPs to post, so I think I'll post 'em today-o.. in fact, I'll go get my drawing pad right now! *trips up the stairs, gets drawing pad and trips back down*
I'm gonna re-do all of my old drawings, and the one I am working on now is the Guardian of the Earth, or whatever that stupid title was.. it's lookin' pretty good!
I've also created a new OC, but I still have to create a profile for her. And finish the drawing of her. I'll post what she looks like once I am finished with that stuffs.

Oh, by the way! I am now a Senior Otaku++! :D I am happy!

Um num num num..

I'm about to have some Chinese food! Bon apetite! :3

Dum dee doo....

Hmm, I'm bored. Anybody have any requests or suggestions for a drawing? I have been getting better! :) I hope I can post something soon!
This post was written with one hand because I am cuddling my kitty with my other hand. :D

It's a corrugated world.

Those of you who know Bruce McCall would understand that. :)


Our world is turning topsy-turvey I tell you.

SO our class watched a movie called "the Universe" *dun dun duuuuuuuun* very dramatic, and I learned quite a bit. One nugget of info is that Venus was once thought to be nice, happy, fuzzy-like, like Earth (but without Global Warming) but they were dead wrong! Not only does Venus actually have Global warming, but that Motherplanet XD is freakin' 900°F degrees! :D :D :D

Also, in my Spanish class we usually have an exam every Friday, but this friday we did an activity on positive energy instead! WOOHOO!!

Nothing really new has happened, I will try and get some art up and I'm still working on the post for my new WORLD.

Hasta la vista, babies! :)