"The Castle of Hearts is a world where lost souls wander to, seeking a way back to where they came from."

An Untold Tale~

Welcome to Castle of Hearts, Sora Hanaki's world about her Kingdom Hearts OCs. I will introduce them more fully here and add extra stuff about them.

- First and foremost, I will be introducing all of my characters who resided in Hollow Bastion, or Radiant Garden. First, everyone knows who Kotori is, she is number one. Two, is a mysterious man who shares a past with Kotori. Two is Kaze! And three will be Kotori's older brother, Mizuki.
Set 01
~ Kotori + Haneri
~ Kaze + Zakex
~ Mizuki

- Second, I will introduce my newest set of OCs, the "Twilight Adventurers" of Twilight Town. I'll reveal their names now in a list~
Set 02
~ Morika
~ Yamaki
~ Kawari

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Set 01: Displayed

The characters from Set 01: Kotori + Haneri, Kaze + Zakex, and Mizuki have all been revealed. It'll take me some time to complete this set because I'm going to re-do all of their bios and I'll tell you when I do. So that's what I'll be doing for the next few weeks.

Now, since Set 01 has been revealed, it's time for Set 02's characters to be revealed! It's in the intro, but I'll post it here too!

Set 02
Morika, Yamaki and Kawari

That's all for now~ If you haven't seen it, I just posted Mizuki's profile up in the post before this~

The Winged One's Brother

Name: Mizuki
Race: Human
Home: Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden)
Age: 26
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Light blue
Weapon: Broad sword
Specialty: Offensive swordplay
Abilities: N/A
Love interest: N/A
Quote: “Let me teach you the art of swordplay.”
Personality: Mizuki is a dependable and responsible older brother to Kotori and many of the little kids around the neighborhood. He is overprotective of Kotori, but keeps it to a minimum for the sake of not hurting his little sister’s feelings. He is kind and friendly, so he’s easily an approachable person. Smiling is one of his favorite things, after swordplay of course, which he’s very serious about.
Bio: Being born into a blacksmith family, Mizuki has always been fond of swords. He learned the best from his father and inherited the family business. Before Kotori turned 15 years old, their parents left Mizuki to take care of her while they went away on business so since then, he has been taking care of her.
One day, the day darkness engulfed the world and Heartless appeared to attack innocent people, he discovers that Kotori walked into a black portal and runs after her, attempting to stop her. When he wasn’t able to, he remained trapped on the world and the Heartless took over with Maleficent as their leader.
Once the light was restored to the world, Mizuki returned to see that Kotori had been returned home but has lost all of her earlier memories. Mizuki decided to help her remember once again.
Image: Mizuki + Kotori, he is the one on the left (sketch)

Kotori's Story {Part 1}

It all begins with a little girl named Kotori who lived in Radiant Garden with her older brother, Mizuki. This was the time when Radiant Garden was just about to be gulfed in darkness to become what is known as Hollow Bastion. One day, Kotori was playing adventures in marketplace with Kaze, when all the sudden, pure black creatures rose from the ground, the Heartless. The Heartless began to attack the innocent bystanders of the town, stealing their hearts. Kotori fled the scene as fast as possible when a Heartless fiercely knocked her to the ground. She swung her wooden sword at the creature, only missing it by a few inches like it'd ever help. Kaze shot like a rocket towards the Heartless, whipping his own sword across the chest of it, unable to phase it. Unexpectedly, a hand from a shadowy portal grabbed her shoulder, Kotori cried Kaze's name frighteningly. Kaze spun around swiftly to see Kotori being pulled in, struggling her best to get out, and reached for her hand. As soon as he had a hold on it, Kotori lost her conscience in the battle to break free.

After a few hours, Kotori woke from her deep slumber and found herself in her room with Mizuki watching over her. He told her that Leon had found her lying outside in the marketplace, unconscious. Her immediate question was where Kaze one. The only answer she got was “no where to be found.” The news of Kaze missing alarmed Kotori, which made her set out to find him, first by searching the town. The marketplace was the best choice to start at to investigate the disappearance of Kaze. Whilst she entered the marketplace, she noticed nothing of the strange till a black portal rose from the corner of her eye to take form. It was the same one that engulfed her earlier. She slowly wandered over, observing it carefully to make she wouldn’t be swallowed instantly. She decided to try to slide her hand through the blackness when she lost her footing and descend into the portal.

Kotori laid unconsciously on the hard ground, till she woke with pain in streaming through her body. She lifted her head slowly, then her body till she stood up high. This was not just a strange setting for her, but she could not tell who she was. The only thing that was left in her mind was her name. Kotori, a voice called out from behind; it was Yuffie. She found Kotori wandering from an alley in the First District of Traverse Town and brought her to Leon and Aerith in the hotel they were staying at in the Alley. They all realized that Kotori had lost her memories when she arrived in Traverse Town which was strange for them because nothing like that ever happened to them when they came. All they could do now was take her in and help her recover her memory, at her pace. Slowly, she remembered who Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid were.

After some time in Traverse Town, Kotori bumped into a yellow dog with long floppy ears one day. She follows him to an alley off of the First District where a little boy with brown spiky hair, laid unconsciously on the cold ground. Slowly, she reached her hand down to see if he was alive when suddenly, Yuffie called her name out back in the open, in front of Cid’s shop. Kotori drew her hand back and looked for Yuffie but as soon as she realized that she was farther than her voice seemed, she reinsured herself and walked off, forgetting to tell the others of the situation of this boy. Except, the boy was still alive and stopped by Cid’s shop, where Kotori was just assigned to work, to found out where he was and how to get back to Destiny Islands. The response he got was that this was Traverse Town and that he’d never see his world again and disappointed, he left the shop.

Soon after, Kotori was introduced to Sora, Donald and Goofy when they had all gotten together after the Heartless battle. She remembered Sora, he was the kid that lay unconscious in the alley. She listened to their mission: to travel the worlds to find King Mickey, for Donald and Goofy, and Kairi for Sora. The thought of traveling to worlds sparked one memory of her leaving a sunset environment filled with dull, old buildings. Now she knew what she was doing: on a search to find… someone. She couldn’t remember who but her heart urged her on to find this person. The time to say good-bye to them quickly approached them and Kotori bid her farewells to Sora, Donald, and Goofy till they meet again. The hero and his company got onto their Gummi Ship and flew away, to the next world of their adventures.

Kotori waited days to weeks, till suddenly, the order of the worlds was changed. Kingdom Hearts was closed and the lost worlds returned. Sora had saved the worlds and returned the peace that was desired by all. She and the others in Traverse Town disappeared and reappeared back in their hometown. Kotori was welcomed back to Hallow Bastion with the open arms of her brother, worried about her for the longest time. Everything returned to normal… except one thing. Where was this mystery man in Kotori’s memories and why doesn’t no one know him?

The Free Spirit and His Shadow

The Free Spirit

Name: Kaze
Race: Human
Home: Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion)
Age: 17 years old
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Dark green
Weapon: “Freedom” – Buster sword, “Sovereignty” and “Zephyrus” – Keyblade
Specialty: Strength
Abilities: Wield two keyblades
Love interest: Kotori
Quote: “I promise I will protect you, Kotori.”
Personality: Kaze is more of the silent type when one first meets him. He gives off the impression of an emotionless man, but in fact, he cares about the things that are special to him dearly. His shyness as a child got the best of him and caused him to become silent and seem distant from society. He doesn’t say much in a conversation unless he’s needed to. All of this adds up to a mild but silent attitude.
Bio: (TBA)

The Shadow

Name: Zakex
Race: Nobody
Home: The World That Never Was
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark green
Weapon: “Zephyrus” – Keyblade
Specialty: Speed
Abilities: Allow Kaze to use his Keyblade and control of the winds
Love interest: Haneri
Quote: “My, my, aren’t you a sweet thing, love.”
Personality: Zakex is a flirtatious playboy, unlike Kaze, who likes to just play around and doesn’t take anything serious. He’s overly talkative and doesn’t enjoy the quietness at all, or standing in one place. He enjoys to be around girls the most and his favorite companion is none other that the doll-carrying girl, Haneri. Nothing else is known about him.


Yes, Kaze has a Nobody too. Once I put up his bio, you'll find out why and how. So I'll put up and update when I have their bio's completed!

Introducing Kaze!

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Well, read the description to find out more about him =D I'll add his most of his profile up next! Till then, just enjoy the image. And I'll put up Mizuki's profile once I'm done... (I promise Kara =D )