This world is about taking requests for fanart and ideas to help my comics. If you want to help, proceed; if not, you can leave and have a nice day.

What's Up

This is a list of completed and posted requests. Have a look. Little Miss Harriet's Yukina Amane Raechele's Raquel Saya Blood Moon Wolf's Aaronzander Bloods Sashy Frassy's...

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I Take Requests

I'm designing some characters for my comic. You can help me! So, if you leave comments, or whatever to get contact with me, leave a detailed description. Tell me hair color-- including length and if it's straight, curly or wavy with or without ban...

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My Manga

My manga is called "Cardgame". I've been practicing for four years and only started getting good. I hope you also enjoy my work. It's my life.
When I post it, it will look really weird because it was my original style of art. I've gotten better. But I have been trying to correct it. I guess I'll just have to remake th whole thing in the future.
The story is about a couple of girls who get invited to design a character they want to be. They find out that this is a "virtual" card game where they become the character on their card. In the virtual world they battle for the pleasure of victory and building confidence in the real world.