Hey, everyone!
As you can probably guess, this is for all my game-related stuff, which, eventually, will include Let's Play videos (as soon as I figure out how to make them XD).

My Slenderman Fails XD

I fail at playing Slenderman; I was playing it before school the other day, and freaked out when Slender DIDN'T appear. Instead I flipped out because I thought he was behind me in REAL LIFE, because one of the guys I hang out with slipped his hand behind my neck. I screamed.
I managed to get two pages after that before dying, and screaming again.
Then, last night, I was playing it with a friend, we both freaked out and screamed; I paused it after flipping out and running into the kitchen and hiding, we went back to it, and unpaused it, looking down to check if Slender was still there (somehow, I'd gotten it to look directly up when I freaked out), just in case he'd done one of those flashes, but he was right there, and we both screamed even more.
I did, however, get further playing Slender: the Eight Pages than ever before: three pages XDD I'm not very good at it, although, my navigation is getting better in the game, I found the wall or something and grabbed a page. I got three all three pages within 5 minutes of each other, which is a feat for me, because it's generally ten minutes a page. I never find one in the bathroom, though o.o
Would it be good if I made a Let's Play of Slender: the Eight Pages?

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (DEMO) -- First Try

Okay, guys, I downloaded Amnesia: the Dark Descent demo version (I have no money and can't buy the full, so I'm currently looking for a free version) and I've just gotten to the Refinery (during Science class XD) and freaked out when I saw the Gatherer(?), and ran away from it, but went back after a little bit.
I've watched PewDiePie playing Amnesia before, and love his reactions, and want to start my own let's plays, but I need to set up my laptop to do that. How do I? I know, I'm a noob at times, but I really want to do Let's Plays.
Amnesia, funnily enough, doesn't freak me out as much as Slender: The Eight Pages XD I'm scared of big tall guys with no faces and pure white skin, who wear business suits, and kill you, whereas I'm not afraid of any of the Amnesia things. XD