A world full of YouTube videos of Caramelldansen. For space's sake, I removed the unamed videos, some of the less known series, similar videos, and unavailable ones. None of the videos are mine, but I thought it was a pain in the neck to have to search for all the good ones on YouTube.

Background drawn and colored by our own TheAngelRaine!

Pikachu Caramelldansen! UBER KAWAII!

Courtesy of TheFrank! (and fixed, sorry!!!)

Pokemon Caramelldansen!

Courtesy of TheFrank.


'ARIA でウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) Caramelldansen'


'dot hack - CaramellDansen'

Kingdom Hearts

'Kingdom Hearts - Organization XIII - Caramelldansen'
provided by MewIchigo5