So... as i suppose not much ppl now are gonna see MyOtaku, i've decided to open a world. um... you know im a girl of phew words, but ill try my best on adding images XD lol! YEAH! that wont stop. um... guess thats all for now. i SO need to get the hang of this o__o.... ok!!

Akatsuki Elite Member: Ichati

Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on Titan Cosplay

Hiiiiiii!!! Well right now I'm into cosplay so for the moment I'm working and cosplaying yeah!!! XD you can also find me at ;) haven't forgotten about all of you!! ^ω^

I ttly screwed up xD

SO.... i made a challenge and i put it in wallpaper ¬_¬ i meant fan art xD LOLZ!!! can i change it or continue in the wallpaper part xD yeah.... i suck at doing challenges xD LOLz!!

btw: PLZ ENTER MY CHALLENGE!! ^_^ I'll give you a cookie ;)


Sybille of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel

SOOOO!!! xD lolz! i've not been around much... hahaha BUT! visit Sybile's story right here!! ;) lolz!! And thanx SOOOO much for the comments!! ^_^ im happy!!

ps: im posting more pics laterz ;) buahahahahaha~

:3 hi lol

ok ok thanx for the ppl that still remember me XD lol. well right now i got this small space to write sth. been working, studying for French exams and havent have ANY time to draw... lame ¬_¬ XD lol but oh well. next semester i enter college to study Modern Languages and well, less time to talk. BUT! i will answer you pms ^-^ someday XD hahaha as today. and im also easily found on facebook XD hahaha. funny, but yeah. type or type Carmen Alicia or type my email [email protected] lol k? ^_^ ok!!! im still alive! LOL!

OMB!! @[email protected]

to all of my friends out there and ppl that still remember me XD lol, im RLY sorry for not being here much now, but i wont leave ^_^ u can be sure of that... i just need some time to rest and to think and sure! ill find time for you and um... XD LOL!! sorry for the ones i havent answered XD hahaha OMB!! IM RLY sorry -___- but i havent forgot about you XD lol um... ok! guess thats it for now :3 and um... see ya then? ^_^ hehehe ok!!!