Losing A Battle With My Art

How is this happening, I had 14 followers but now I don't. Everytime I come back to check to see if anything has change about my artwork statues, but I lose one more follower. I only have but so few followers to my work and I don't know why. Somebody please explain to me why does my work not get enough response, I have many views but no were near enough people actually following. I follow around 40 people I believe only a select few of them actually follow me. My computer is done for the count and I have to erase all the work I started. This is soo bad I maded wallpapers and upgraded my computer and then all of a sudden my computer crashes badly. I know how to fix my computer any other time when a problem aquires but this time is something totally and completely different. I don't even think I can erase the mother board this time I just need to get a new computer but I'm unemployeed which sucks badly. No computer, no job, and losing what little followers I have left.