Hhhhmmm.... So I suppose this is where I explain what this is. I guess this is my spot for my ramblings, what's happening, etc. Let's start with Hi! I'm Calicoe or Urtica. Those are my main two online alias that I tend to go by. I'm an avid anime/manga fan and I try to do art in my free time. I'm married and have a one year old son and two cats. I'm here to make friends and hopefully improve my art. On that note I am willing to accept safe for work art requests, but depending on demand and my available free time it might take me a little while to fulfill. I am a stay at home mom so my free time is in short supply. Also I mentioned it once on one of my pieces, but I tend to keep clean line art of most of my drawings so if you are interested in doing a recolor of one just let me know all I ask is for credit for the line art.

VR and Final Fantasy

Lately I hit a bit of an art block so I haven't been very active on here lately and I got sucked into Final Fantasy XIV again. Then as of yesterday my Oculus Quest 2 arrived! I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but I'm a bit of a VR fanatic. I really think VR and such things are the way of the future entertainment wise. My romance with VR started with the Vive and then graduated to the Index until I had my kiddo which made playing VR a bit impossible due to lack of time, space, ability to quickly set up and take down etc. I was chatting with a friend who is also a VR enthusiast to the point where he has replaced his computer monitors simply with a VR headset. He mentioned how the Quest 2 is really amazing so I started looking into it. Let me say that first off people who say VR is not possible for them due to price might want to rethink that. The Quest 2 for the base model is $300 about the same as a Nintendo switch. Also you don't need a computer for it because the Quest 2 doesn't require a computer or base stations for hand tracking. No wires! It's amazing! There are a few things you have to do to get it to wirelessly talk to your computer so you can play steam games, but it's worth the hassle! Also takes zero time to set up. The index is still a bit more comfortable to wear, but for price and ease of use it far surpasses my expectations! I can't wait to dive back into my games! Today while my kiddo napped I sat next to him and made virtual pottery...yes I know doesn't sound exciting, but it was really fun XD. I'm looking forward to playing Skyrim on it this weekend when I have a bit more time. The controllers are going to take some getting used to. I'm still a huge fan of the steam knuckle controllers for the index. The way they hug your hands and enable you to just let go if needed is one of my favorite things about them. I am also looking forward to spending time in tilt brush and getting creative!

Art Process 2

First off a Merry late Christmas to you all! I hope that you had a great one! This is kind of a continuation of my last post in a continuation of my art process. This is of course my most recent drawing. I did use a picture of a contortionist for reference because it's hard to just imagine that position in my mind! Later on afterwards too I had to do an adjustment to the left arm as you'll notice in the finished picture it's in a different position. As lots of us do I asked what people thought and it confirmed what I was suspecting that it just didn't look right in perspective to the rest of the pose. (Never be too proud to ask other people's opinions).

As you can see I started with my rough basic sketch, followed by the line work, then you have the base colors, followed up by the end product which has the shading. All my digital work is done on a surface pro in Clip Studio. Hope you guys are enjoying these little inside looks into my process!

Art References

This post is basically about my use of references for poses. For me I can't stress enough how important having references is when it comes to drawing. I have to say that it has drastically improved how I draw dynamic poses. I mentioned in a comment that I really like to use dancer poses for my drawing and it really is due to the fact that most dancers tend to wear tight clothing making it easier to see how the lines of the body should flow. It make it really easy to figure out proportions as I can do a comparison of how long a leg is compared to an arm or yes a person's body really CAN bend that way! The image I'm posting is the references and then the picture I did from them.

DTIYS Challenges

As I'm sure if you're reading this you've probably seen most of the art I've been posting lately. I've been really hooked on DTIYS (draw this in your style) challenge lately. My only issue really is that I think I'm still searching for my own style. Maybe doing these has me trying to find my own style and that's why I'm so addicted to them. I've realized I have come across the problem where I can adapt to most art styles, but it leaves me searching for the "me" mark. Then I start feeling like I'm not doing my own stuff just regurgitating what I've picked up. Then I sink into that depressive artist slump. I know that eventually I'll get to a point where I'm doing my "own" thing and that what I'm doing is getting the building blocks to hit that point by trying these different styles, but sometimes it feels a bit frustrating.

On a lighter note I hope everyone is ready for Christmas! It is already around the corner and I find that hard to believe! This crazy, hectic, not so great year is nearly done! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy! I've already finished my secret Santa projects so loo forward to more random crap from me. Feel free to shoot me suggestions or requests for things. I enjoy a good challenge!

Secret Santa Wishlist

I just realized that I am behind in getting this posted. I was just go really simple on this. I would like your favorite anime character with a Christmas theme! Surprises are fun! :D