Hhhhmmm.... So I suppose this is where I explain what this is. I guess this is my spot for my ramblings, what's happening, etc. Let's start with Hi! I'm Calicoe or Urtica. Those are my main two online alias that I tend to go by. I'm an avid anime/manga fan and I try to do art in my free time. I'm married and have a one year old son and two cats. I'm here to make friends and hopefully improve my art. On that note I am willing to accept safe for work art requests, but depending on demand and my available free time it might take me a little while to fulfill. I am a stay at home mom so my free time is in short supply. Also I mentioned it once on one of my pieces, but I tend to keep clean line art of most of my drawings so if you are interested in doing a recolor of one just let me know all I ask is for credit for the line art.

Weddings, Toddlers, and Covid

So the title of this post really sounds more like a tag than a title, but it's really fitting. Alright let's get down to it! The last two days have been amazingly busy for my little family. My mother-in-law just got remarried yesterday. She has actually already changed the date a few times due to covid restrictions and thought with the lull we had that she could plan without fear. Well as you know covid has spiked again meaning last Friday the mask mandate was reinstated here. Not something that really thrilled her. We had a rehearsal dinner on Friday and because I'm such a great planner (super procrastinator!) I also had to go shopping for something to wear!(Yay!) Thanks to covid I really don't leave my house more than I have to (I didn't really leave it before, but now I have an excuse). Got done with the clothes shopping and immediately it was time to go to my husband's grandparents' house for the rehearsal. Now his grandmother is old fashioned southern hospitality kind of gal. This means that she was trying to prep enough food to feed an army on her own plus clean and decorate. She's in her mid 70's with so me heart issues so of course I jumped in and spent about four hours prepping food with her and one of her friends. Luckily my husband was there to watch our hyper active two year old! After this exhaustive night we had the wedding the following day. If you have kids you will definitely understand how I felt going into this. The wedding was set for 3pm and nap time is normally 2pm. We needed to arrive early so nap was out of the question (he also decided to wake up early). Cranky two year old in formal wear at a wedding! He and my husband hung out with grandma (the bride) while I helped everyone in the main venue. It was a lot of organizing and letting people know where we're at. Wedding party arrives and I go out to the hall to snag kiddo from my husband who needs to walk his mother down the aisle. As soon as we get in my son starts yelling go for walk! Long story short I missed the whole ceremony while walking my kiddo up and down the hall outside of the room! I don't think it helped everyone was wearing masks and he isn't a crowd kind of kid. Finally exhausted we got to sneak out a bit early! Kiddo had finally passed out for a bit at the wedding, but this meant he hadn't ate anything there. I wanted to be a proper responsible mom of course so I decided to heat up some fish sticks and tater tots in the toaster oven. Let me tell you....using VERY hot appliances when tired is NOT a good time. I warmed the fish sticks first since they cooked at a higher degree than the tots (450). Took them out with the oven mitt and set them on a plate. Grabbed tater tots and went to put them on the same metal tray and thought I should move that tray first.... grabbed it with my bare right hand... and yes hurray burns! All five fingers! I don't have great temperature feeling in my hands when it comes to heat so it took me a moment to really feel it. My thumb is screwed! Thank goodness we had a bottle of aloe in the house. Hand feels much better today, but this is definitely a weekend that I need a weekend to recover from!

I died for a bit....

Just kidding I did not die, but did feel like I feel off the face of the internet/drawing world for a bit. Summer life has just had me busy and had to fight off what I hope was just a summer cold. Covid has really not had an enormous effect on me besides not wanting to be around people even more than before. My birthday happened though and as such I opted for getting a bunch of manga that I've been wanting and so besides keeping up with my crazy two year old I've been reading manga. I finally manage to get a hold of the entire Fushigi Yugi manga (it only took me YEARS). Got the last volume of Demon Slayer (this hurt my heart a bit I love this series). Picked up the first few books of Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun. I'm only part way through the first book of this, but I'm really enjoying it so far! I enjoyed The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent so much as an anime I started picking up the manga for that as well. I also started The Apothecary Diaries and I have to say I really, really, really like this series soooo much. Highly recommend for people who like a bit of mystery with some dark humor/slightly morbid characters. Obviously I have started drawing again with some inspiration from Moonfini and some other friends. Wasabi, Vesperia, and Velvet were all very fun to draw. I'll probably do a few more of Wasabi as my friend is welcoming all art of her and super happy to get stuff.
Other then that I've just been playing FFXIV again. Recently did my contribution to the free company I run by revamping some subs and airships to make them more efficient in gathering items. Leveled up in Bozjan and been working finally on my blue mage. Been doing mostly in door stuff as it is forest fire season and our air quality is questionable. Oh, and the free downloadable content for Pokemon Snap happened so I will admit that I have once again been feverishly trying to capture pokemon in cute poses in order rack up those points! I hope that all of you have been having a good summer and that you're staying cool out there!

Yeah It's a Hot One

Well summer is definitely on it's way here. It's been nothing, but thunder storms followed by hot days! Got the little guy a fancy new pool that I have to basically crowbar him out of. I've become that parent that buys my kid things because I would have killed to have them myself as a kid. Finally got around to finishing my summer secret santa piece for deviantart. Due to a lot of hassle originally getting signed up I ended up procrastinating for ages. The experience kind of left a bad taste in my mouth making me not want to do anything associated with it, but it was no way the fault of the person I was assigned so I buckled down and got it done. I'll be posting that in a few days or so after the event posting starts. Did another piece for a friends birthday and that was much easier and faster to create. Drew her final fantasy XIV character. I really love drawing other people's characters. I like creating my own as well, but idk for some reason it's just really fun to use (with permission) the characters others create and put my own spin on them. I like to think I'm just a fan of other artists and therefore creating fan art?
Got my first real boy mom scare last night! After telling my precocious two year for the 500th time not to jump on the couch he learned why. He was happily jumping away when he came down for a landing smacking his chin on the back of the couch. For those of you with kids you know when they do the "I'm actually hurt" cry. Saw him crumple and do the actually hurt cry so rushed over to check on him and all I see is blood coming from his mouth and his little fist covered in it. We get him scooped up and start staunching the blood flow while trying to figure out where the blood is coming from. I was originally concerned that he might have knocked his teeth loose. Luckily it was not nearly as bad as it looked. From what we can put together his front teeth much of skinned the back of his upper lip when he impacted causing a big flap of skin to peel back and of course all the bleeding. It was a pretty big piece, but the bleeding got stopped pretty quickly and he seems perfectly fine this morning. I expected his upper lip to be pretty swollen, but he looks like nothing happened. He did tell me about how he was hurt really bad last night when we woke up this morning.
Let's see what else have I been up to....oh I don't know if I mentioned it last time, but I got a tamagotchi on. I haven't had a tamagotchi since....8th grade maybe? The new ones are so fancy! My kiddo absolutely loves them and when my friend moonfini came over with hers and he started obsessing I thought I'd get one. You can of course raise them, but now you can find them a tamagotchi to marry! Then you get to raise the child that the two produce and continue the lineage. I think I'm on my 8th or 9th generation already! There's also an app now that you can "send" it to and play games, speed date, or propose to random people's tamagotchis in the hopes of creating a cooler tamagotchi. It's pretty involved! On the brightside once you have raised one you can send the child to the parents house during the day until 5pm as free tamagotchi care.
This was a very long rant about mostly nothing I'm realizing now at the end... but hope you're all staying cool and healthy! Until next time!

Life Update

It's definitely been a while since I posted....uuumm.. let's see I've been in a bit of a personal slump lately. I get motivated for a day it feels like and then lose focus for a week! I've had a lot of stuff going on lately though that's been needing attention. I got my vaccine so that took me down for a couple days. First shot made me super sore in the arm and a little queasy for a day. Second shot gave me a fever and bad insomnia...which I already have so not sure I can blame that on the shot... Other than that I started watching The Saint's Magic is Omnipotent and I love it! It's a good combination of serious and comedy. The characters are just so easy to like or dislike (ok I know I'm suppose to understand one character is just acting the "jerk", but I still don't like him!). Gearing up for Deviant arts summer secret Santa. I had some mix ups when getting assigned to a person, but I think we got it all sorted out! I've been wanting to redraw some of my old characters, but then new characters start trying to crowd for room in my head. Loki so far has been the only old character I've managed to do at this point. I started on the other, but I didn't really feel satisfied with it so I think I'm going to try again. Created Rin and I'm so happy I went with the water lily motif for her character/outfit! Color wise I'm aesthetically pleased. Also started reading the manga for The Case Study of Vanitas. I love the artwork and the story so far! I'm on volume 4 and the story is definitely one that sucks you in. I have to fight the impulse on the thrilling parts to not skip ahead a bit to see how things turn out. Does anyone else do that? randomly flip ahead a bit to make sure things are "ok" then go back and read the bit you skipped. I honestly have no idea why I do this, but it's a bad habit. I think it might be because I predict it's going to go one way and I want to know if I'm right or not. I am one of those people when watching something with someone whose already seen it asks "Oh I bet so and so does this and ends up being this huh?" It makes my husband crazy when watching movies or shows with me and I guess the plot. I've also decided after reading this last bit that I am rambling which is not surprising as it is quickly approaching midnight!! So until next time enjoy good food, good manga/anime, and making good art!

DTIYS Challenges

So lately I've been doing more of the DTIYS challenges on artfol. I mentioned on my last piece that I feel like I'm really learning something new from each piece that I enter. This one really had me experimenting with colors for shading and the one before was really fascinating due to the odd lighting from the star she was holding. I highly recommend trying some if you never have. I think it puts me outside my comfort zone in a good way!

I wanted to show another process picture of making this piece! So you'll see the rough sketch, line art, base colors, and then the finished product with shading and an added background. I wanted to put the original piece in the center so you had an idea of where my concept came from! Well as always thanks for reading the rant!