Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew!

Hello and Welcome to Café mew mew!

I shall be your hostess today, let me introduce my self I’m truly also known as Mew Torte!

This club is about relaxing, having fun and most of all helping the mew artist! Here you will find special services cratered to helping anyone who needs it! I’ll be posting links to awesome web sites, resources, and art information that will sure benefit you!

Don’t worries if you just need a place to sit down to have tea and cake we’ll cover that too! Here at café mew mew we hold unique contests like fashion shows that people can compete in for unique Tokyo mew mew charms and jewelry made be me!

Oh, you want a menu of everything that happens here? Here, take a look!

• Character intros- You can post a sketch a possible fan mew and get comments and/or advice on it by me or the rest of the members of the club or just post it there if you don’t want to submit it to TheO.

• The café help line- You can seek advice to how to improve your character like the bio, costume, back-story, weapons, mew names, etc.

• Tutorials and resource discovery- I will post tutorials and guides how to make a mew (including my own). I’ll post pictures of poses, bodies, reference pictures, etc made by me. I’ll post links around the web of great stock pictures, inspiration, character development, drawing information, free Photoshop brushes and tutorials, etc so will never hit art block again and stay inspired!

• Mew repair- If your mew needs a full revamp, needs work, or you just hit a road block that you can’t go over, and you can submit your mew to get a design repair/option!

• Fashion shows- Hold themed fashion contests for members to have a chance to win custom jewelry from me!

• Mini stories. Short stories about my own mews that you don’t see often. Members can submit there’s too!

That’s just the beginning! New services and events are always around the corner, so stay awhile! :3

Draft One of My Twins

Heyy! This is actually really old but I thought I might show it to all y'all on Cafe Mew Mew. I wanted to make two twin boy Mews, so here's their first draft page. You can see I erased lots and etc.

Randomly Generated Mew Mews: Get Em' While They're Hot!

Randomly Generated Mew Mews: Get Em' While They're Hot!

Hello, Everyone!

I’ve created a Mew Mew Generator!

It’s based on data from the multiple ‘Mew Guides’ that exist, such as Licorice’s infamous Guide to the Common Fanmew.

The generator’s main purpose is for amusement, but if you want to use a concept it creates for yourself, feel free. I’d love to see what you come up with!

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Please Note:

♥ The generator isn’t perfect; you may get some conflicting results every now and then.

♥ The outfit styles are very basic, the armbands and choker aren’t mentioned because every Mew Mew has them.

♥ The five color palette you get for your character’s color scheme is meant to be used in the following sequence:

First Color: Main Outfit Color
Second Color: Outfit Trim Color
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Colors: Outfit Accents or Hair/Eye Color

♥ If your male Mew Mew ends up wearing a dress or skirt, feel free to adapt or change this concept any way you like.

♥ I’m not responsible if your character’s name is the same as someone else’s. I simply put a list of common food items into the generator, as I did the ages, attacks and animals.

♥ I’m not responsible for a lousy weapon accuracy rating. I simply put this feature in to even the odds and make it less likely that your character will end up being a Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

♥ For the attack, you’ll only get one word. Simply place you character’s name and the word Ribbon or Reborn [both are correct] into the mix and you’ll get something like Ribbon Lettuce Rush.

♥ Not all of the animals are endangered. If you get one that isn’t, feel free to change it.

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

That’s everything! I hope you enjoy playing with the generator~!

Mew Ninniku

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for an idea for Ninniku's outfit, and now I got it! Finally! I just sat down tonight and did this. I'm really pleased with how it came out!

All the stuff ya need to know is on the picture. But should I put a gray frill-like stuff underneath her outfit, instead of the shorts?

Mew Gurinpisu?

Here's the long-awaited (well I think) draft of little Gurin. This is a sketchy piece, I know her arms are whacko, and her eyes are too big and too close together, and I know her feet stink. My little hoofted cutie. She's "deer" in my heart, no pun intended, but I'm still not happy with her hair. Any ideas?

So far here's her bio (I know, not very complete at all):

Name: Gurinpisu NoLastNameYet (lolz)
Translation: green peas no last name yet
Age: 9
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Love Interest: none


Name: Mew Gurinpisu
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Mark Location:
Animal DNA: pampas deer
Weapon: gurinpisu baiorin (green peas violin)
Attack(s): ribbon~ gurinpisu lullabye (makes enemies sleep)

Fruits 4

Giant Granadilla Golden Passionfruit ...

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