How do you feel after college?

Responsibilities teach us to make the most of opportunities. When you take an assignment in college life, you are given many responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities will be financial, some will be organizational, and some will be having to physically get from class to class (sometimes in a rush) or even in some cases homeschooled by parents. Some of those responsibilities you will dread - but others will actually teach you valuable skills and situations that you can apply in college life and in everyday life. It is very important that you understand which responsibilities are that because some of them might make you crazy.
College life may feel just like campus life - a lot of people walking around, a lot of people talking, a lot of people hanging out. We may feel like we don't need to come to class every day and may feel like we are in college.
If you feel that the student bustle has left you no strength to complete your homework, you can always buy assignment. It's okay to get outside help and get some rest.
Last year could be called the year of burnout. Many of us felt oppressed by the overwhelming change in our lives. May this year be marked by psychological comfort.