Hello. You may call me Dtone, Eli, or Elijah. I dont really have a preference but most call me Eli ^_^


MSN/Windows Live IM: [email protected]


I apologize to all of you that have been wanting me to post, and are possibly still waiting for that day to come. Well here it finally is.. Maybe..

I say maybe because I've tried typing out very long and sometimes detailed posts before and they've all been erased before they couldve been posted for different reasons. The main reason being that I don't quite understand how this site works yet. I apologize to all of you for not having posted anything thus far, but I plan on having a few good one's soon if I possibly can.

-_-' Title's suck..!

I'm not happy now -_-'

My first post was deleted because I forgot to enter a frackin title..

Anyways, I'll just retype it all.. Maybe...

Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting. It seems like everytime Ive gotten on The O, right when I do something has come up and I've had to get off the compy.. That, and I didnt know how to post.. Heh. Thank you Endlessly [Kitt] for teaching me how to do that. I feel so stupid now.

I really dont have much to say right now, but I'll be sure to writing a good post for you guys soon ;]

Blah, crappy poem =]

Dance that little dance,

just give them what they want,

this life is almost over,

go repent you little slut,

after this world is over,

another you will live,

or will you burn in the after glow,

of a world so bright in flames..