Welcome to my 2nd WORLD. This is a place where most posts are about the story my friend and I are writing called "Burnin' the Bridge!"

Normally this is found on my deviantart, but I suppose I could post a few things around here on MyO.

So anyway, this is a story featuring me and my friends. (These names are our usernames for the story):
~Roxanne de Vira (the writer)
~Raven Liasson (R.I.P. Samantha "Raven" Parker)
~Mai (Hien) Huong (yours truly and the artist)
~Ike Katayama (my boyfriend, Ike-kun himself~! ^o^)
~Kyoung-Mi Park (Nii Jyeni)
~Sophia Summers
~Elizabeth Burke

There are 6 more boy characters to the story, but they are only made-up characters I've created for the group.
Anyway, I suppose I should tell you who they are.
~Jackson Ryukojo
~Bastion Falkner
~Charlie Alexander
~Scott Garcia
~Simon Alexander
~Insung Lee

AH, BUT! For the story, we're also paired.
And they are!
~JacksonxRoxanne (Roxson?)
~IkexMai (No combo here... -.- NO, don't even suggest Maike. It sounds ridiculous.)
~SimonxSophia (Syphion xD)
~InsungxKyoung-Mi (Seung-Mi xD)
~CharliexElizabeth (Charlibeth XD)

Bastion doesn't have one because... Well, that's a secret until then.
Scott and Raven are not paired (though originally would have been) because they hate each other though they have to cooperate. It doesn't lead into a relationship.

Anyway, together, they've come to make a small group as to which they call themselves the Arashi Kaisen, or Tempest Revolution.

Until then, enjoy my "Burnin' the Bridge!" WORLD. I will eventually post up some things about the story.

The characters of "Burnin' the Bridge!" ready to sing!

And now for the video this picture was used in. ^_^
"Burnin' the Bridge! - Reactor Meltdown"


A video that I've been working on for a WEEK'S WORTH OF TIME! @[email protected]
And now...IT'S FINISHED!

Featuring the song, "Meltdown", originally by Vocaloid's Kagamine Rin, sung by the Nico Nico Chorus!

Characters used are the original characters of my friend's orginal, "Burnin' the Bridge!"


Changes on Names AGAIN

I'm kinda getting tired of this, but whatever. It's just to keep people up to date otherwise it may confuse people.


(Gah, I REALLY don't like the new Otaku system with these postings...)

So yeah. Names have been changed again.
Well...just one...mine. Whatever, I was okay with it.
Codenames of everyone has been changed.

Nadeshiko Masayume --> Mai Hien Huong
Since I'm Vietnamese, my name needs to match my nationality. Thus I chose Mai Huong.
Together it means "fragrance of a cherry blossom" or "cherry blossom fragrance." Either way, you get the idea.
Hien means "gentle; quiet; grace."
I should really look up more on my Vietnamese heritage...

Okay, now the Codenames.
Roxanne De Vira -- WindChaser
Mai Huong -- ShardFeather
Raven Liasson -- DarkLight
Kyoung-Mi Park -- AshWalker
Elizabeth Burke -- CageBreaker
Sophia Summers -- BrightEyes
Jackson Ryukojo -- DarkBlade
Bastion Falkner -- BlizzardFur
Scott Garcia -- BlackHeart
Ike Katayama -- DarkFire
Insung Lee -- Impact
Simon Alexander -- TrailBlazer
Charlie Alexander -- Dexter

...I've realized most of them have "Dark" in their codenames.
Whatever, not like I can do anything about it anymore. She's in charge of those anyway.

Any questions asked, I'll put up the link to the writer.

Anyway, it's late. Gotta go to bed. Later.

-Nadeshiko Masayume

Cutest Couple Poll O_o

Um...yeah. Hi. So since I've been drawing some B.t.B. pics again these days (they're just doodles, though), some of my friends or people that take a look at the pictures like some of the couple pairings in them.

In a way, I thought it was kinda strange since it's not even being worked on much (I wonder WHY).
So yeah...they see the couple pairings and I've been tallying them up at most. I don't have the actual tallies, but they're in my head and most of the results ended up like this:

1st place - Ike & Nadeshiko
Nade: EH?! No way!
Ike: What the hell? And I thought it was worse being third in the popularity contest with the guys and I!
Me: Um, actually Ike-kun. You've bumped up. You're kinda tied in 1st with Seung...
Ike: WHAT?!

2nd place - Simon & Sophia
Sophia: No way! Really?! 8D
Simon: Don't let it get to your head, Sophia...

3rd place - Insung & Kyoung-Mi
Me: Apparently, people like it when these two bicker a lot...
Seung: It's probably something called a lovers' quarrel.
Kyoung: Whatever you say.
Seung: *looks up* Wait, WHAT?! Ike's tied with me now?!
Me: You weren't supposed to see that! O_o

In 4th place are actually a three pair tie with Jackson & Roxanne, Scott & Raven, and Charlie & Elizabeth.
Then again, I feel kinda bad since I don't draw these pairings so often.
The first three listed are just more fun to do since there's a side of humor to them.
The ones with Ike-kun and I, well that's just because their love is based off reality. :P

So yeah. Strange, but then again I'm somewhat impressed.
Uh...yeah. Just a small post since this is actually from SCHOOL... XD
No worries, last class is my TA class where I can do what I want. (Unless I'm given a job to do...)

Thanks for the tallying.

RAWR!!! Changes Again

(Whoa, been waaaaay too long, but eh...)

AGH, apparently we've gone through certain changes again about the storyline and all.
My frend, the author, hasn't given me the full details yet, but here's pretty much what I only know so far.

1) New Title
I should have mentioned this a looong time ago, but the Arashi Juusannin (Tempest 13) is now called the Arashi Kaisen, or Tempest Revolution.
2) The Brothers
Otherwise, Charlie and Simon. The thing is we've changed their ethnicity and names. Instead of Chinese, they're now German. (NOTHING HITLER RELATED. >_>) Their last names have changed from Isshin to Alexander.
3) The Group Splits Up
Apparently not all the members of the Arashi Kaisen will be entering the final war past the gateways to the Shadowlands. The group will actually divide in half as one small grouping enters the war, while the other half actually quit and leave without being heard from again. (Except on certain occasions...)
4) One Group Dead, Others Lived
Self-explanatory. While the first group goes to war, they unfortunately die from the incident. The others that have quit were lucky enough to have lived.
5) Raid and Dethroned
Now this is never quite mentioned as much from what I've known. All I know is that there is a castle in the Shadowlands to which one of the members of the Arashi Kaisen actually takes residence in. While the Arashi Kaisen are off at war and so on, the castle was actually raided and the King killed. There are some good views and bad views about this to some of the characters of the Arashi Kaisen.
6) Only One Stands
Okay, so the war rages, but actually there will be one survivor. (Actually two, but the other is not of any harm.) I will not reveal who it is here though.

OKAY, some of these turned out to be spoilers, but I least I didn't identify who is who for the groupings and all. ;/

So yeah, changes again. D:
Whatever, writers... You'll get used to them.

Well, at least it's good to know that she might be starting it again.

Anyway, laters everyone.
~Nadeshiko Masayume

Redesigning and Delayments

Er...I'm kinda redesigning some of the uniforms of the Arashi Juusannin cast.
Some will have little change, some will have a lot.

Currently under progress or has already been done:
-Roxanne De Vira (fixing it up here and there)
-Raven Liasson (same as Roxanne)
-Nadeshiko Masayume (changed the skirt thingy)
-Ike Katayama (fixed a few things here and there)
-Bastion Falkner (MAJOR REDESIGNING)

The others haven't been worked on yet. For the time being, those are the ones I'm working on so far.

Until further notice, mostly everyone is getting a little fixed up.

Those in line of getting fixed up:
-Kyoung-Mi Park (add a little more to her uniform)
-Sophia Summers (fix up uniform a bit)
-Elizabeth Burke (fix it up here and there)
-Jackson Ryukojo (add a little more to his uniform)
-Charlie Isshin (not sure whether he may need to be redesigned)
-Simon Isshin (fix up uniform a bit, plus he uses a bo stick, too)
-Insung Lee (doing something about his long cloak a bit)
-Scott Garcia (add a little more to his uniform)

Aagh...I can't believe we had to put in 13 PEOPLE! >>
I blame myself and Roxanne for liking that unlucky number anyway... >.<
Why do we like that number? For Roxanne, she never said yet.
For me? I found $30 on the floor one Friday the 13th. XD

ANYWAY! Beach Volleyball pic. Yeah. Sorry for all the delayments. It's supposed to be for my "Thank You For 300+ Votes" pic, but I'm not at 300+ yet. xP
But Roxanne is nagging at me to get it done and I'd probably reach 300+ by then. (Yeah, I'm only like 12 away... >>) My votes kept increasing during those times because it was supposed to be the 200+ one. =X

And I'm no good at drawing shirtless guys and that's why it's taking me a while. She wanted me to make Jackson shirtless and Charlie also, but Charlie's just walking away to go surfing. XD
Thank God that the rest of the boys are wearing shirts! >>
Ike would never go shirtless anyway because of his curse mark on his back, DUH. Dx Insung and Simon don't feel comfortable shirtless. XD Bastion, too. ^^"
If I draw them all shirtless, I will tackle Roxanne...

IN FACT! She was lecturing me this one night and when I went to bed, I had a freakin' nightmare (well I'm not sure if you'd call it a nightmare) that it was just me, Roxanne, and the rest of the girls walking down to join the boys at the beach.
When we arrive, the boys were SHIRTLESS! DX I almost woke up screaming!
Damn it, she poisoned my mind... >>"

Anyway, back to the beach thingy.
So...I'm not good at drawing legs... >> That's why most of the characters I draw have jeans, pants, etc. Even girls with their long skirts. (ROXINE OFTEN DOESN'T WEAR SKIRTS EXCEPT FOR CERTAIN OCCASIONS! 8D)

BLAH. I've already got the Roxanne (who served the ball), Raven (trying to wake up a not-yet-existing-sleeping-Bastion), Kyoung-Mi (watching the ball fly over net), Nade (noticing Ike's getting ready to spike it), and Sophia (trying to not let Ike spike the ball despite how short she is) done.
The boys are currently Ike (spiking the ball over net since he's the star volleyball pro ), Insung (telling Ike to spike the ball), Simon (being a lazyass and just standing in the back while watching), and Jackson (who I hated drawing so much!!! >> And he's yelling at the non-existing-Bastion to wake up).
There's supposed to be Charlie and Elizabeth in the back, heading out to the ocean with a surfboard in hand (CHARLIE'S A SURFER BOY! 8D) and then there's also supposed to be Scott flying a small plane above holding a banner saying "Thanks for 300+"

Don't blame me, it was all Roxanne's idea really... >>
Oh well.

Laters~! =P