He's so cute! He's so fluffy! He's Giol!

Yeah, that's his name. And he's a rabbit. Some sort of miniflop... I think. I got him from the humane society so his heritage is rather vague. I know he's a little over a year old, that he's very sincerely male, and licks himself in places probably best not mentioned.

He also doesn't photograph very well. Hey, you try taking a picture of something that moves that fast.

I love my little friend! *cuddles*

Updates and New Additions

It's been ages since I posted anything here and I don't know if anyone will read it. Giol, my rabbit, is still very much alive and living with my parents. He's got a pen of sorts out in the garage right now, recently fitted with a heat lamp because of the cold. He spends a lot of time napping in his litter box. He's also extra super fluffy. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him like that. My camera recently stopped working and I don't have the money to buy a new one.

There's also been an addition to the family. A kitten. My oldest little sister has a friend whose parents live on a farm. Their cat recently had kittens but the dog killed all but one of the kittens. So they took the kitten and my sister's friend gave it to her. But my sister already has a cat, which wouldn't be a problem except that cat hates the kitten. No idea why, maybe some sense of competition, since they're both female.

Anyway, between that and my sister's busy schedule, she gave the kitten to me. With a list of rather legal sounding promises, like joint custody, visitation rights, keeping the same name...

Right. So she's called Twitches. The name was actually a joke at the beginning. My sister showed the kitten to her husband. He said, more or less, "What's her name, Twitches?" The name stuck.

She's pretty. And small. We think she might be two or three months. Maybe four by now. She has an odd sort of calico coat with bits of tabby and spots in there. Also little lynx-like tufts on her ears. Dad calls her coat 'miscellaneous.' No idea what her ancestry is, aside from 'barn cat,' which could be just about anything.

She's also small, of course. About two and a half pounds. I'd have gotten her vaccinated and spayed by now, but she recently developed a sore on her shoulder. It's healed now, but she continues to scratch at the area when the bandage is removed. That starts the bleeding again. So it's taking longer to fully heal than it should. And I really need to get her fixed so I can legally keep her in my apartment. Life is complicated.

But she's happy, otherwise healthy, and a joy to be around. When she isn't annoying my youngest sister during my visits home on the weekends. Pounce. Bat. Climb.

How long are kittens supposed to stay with their mom? I don't think she was properly weaned. She nurses on fuffy surfaces. It's cute, but kinda sad.

Anyway, that's the update on what's been going on with my fluffy family members. Hopefully, I will soon have pictures.


There's a perfectly good reason why I haven't posted in this world for a while.

Okay, several.

One is that school has been taking a lot of my attention. And when it's not school it's work. Gotta try to lose as little each month as possible.

The second reason is actually several connected reasons.

The management of the apartment building I live in decided that they weren't going to allow me to keep my rabbit. They had a lot of reasons for that decision, most of which I consider complete and utter caca. But regardless of what I think, I had to remove him from the apartment in early May of this year.

Thankfully, my parents were willing to take the little ball of fuzz in. He's been living alternately in the garage and in the basement there ever since. He's happy and healthy. My little brother adores him. My littlest sister tolerates him. My parents think he's just simply cute. I get to see him when I go home on weekends. But I miss him a lot.

I have been working on getting him back with me, but it isn't looking terribly hopeful.

So, anyway, I haven't had all that much to write about since he isn't here. And it's a little difficult to talk about him sometimes since I miss him so much.

Dang it! Bunnies can be house pets, too!

Way more drama than I need

Well, it seems that my apartment wasn't up to spec during the annual inspection. They blamed the rabbit, but aside from the smell it wasn't his fault. (And since I don't have a sense of smell, I couldn't tell that was a problem.) So right now if I have the rabbit I'll be evicted.

Giol's crashing at my parents' while I try to get things sorted out with the landlords. I've cleaned the place up and thrown the things that were the most trouble. Still don't understand half of the complains they had. (For one thing, there was no pest infestation. And that tray on the kitchen floor was where I put full garbage bags when I didn't have time right then to go out to the dumpster. I thought it was better than leaving the bags drip on the floor. The white stuff in it were calcium deposits, not mold.)

So at the moment I'm bunnyless. I miss him so much. He seems to be getting along well, though. And my little brother loves the little guy to pieces.

It seems kinda unfair, though. I know rabbits are messier in some ways than cats, but they're also a lot less messy in other ways. And rabbit messes are easier to clean up after. Ever tried getting hairballs out of carpeting? Rabbits can't throw up, so that's not an issue. Their poop is solid, too, so it vacuums easily. And he goes in his litter box, so aside from the stuff that gets tracked out on his feet it isn't an issue. And unlike some pet rabbits, he hasn't tried to dig through the carpet or eat the cabinets.

I just really want my buddy back.

Painting bunny portrait

Yeah. It's been forever since I last posted something here.

Well, there's a reason for that. School. Lots and lots of school.

Then just a little while ago my rabbit and school crossed paths.

I got to choose a subject for the next painting I'd do for class. So I picked Giol. Might have been a poor choice. Rabbits do not cooperate with cameras. I tried to take lots of pictures then finally took him to class for the teacher to help with picture taking.

The teacher started to realize just what I had to deal with. Over a hundred photos later and there were four that would work for the painting. Most of the others were full of blur or bunny butt.

It's still not the ideal shot, but I couldn't resist that little head cock.

Here's hoping the painting turns out well. I'm getting more confident with oils, but I'm still my own worst critic.

Bunny vs Jar

Sorry it's so dark. It always looks fine on the camera but once I edit it and all it comes out like this.

Used iMovie. I hate that program ever so much. Windows Movie Maker at least has a halfway intuitive interface. Sure, it refuses to save anything I've done, but at least the interface makes sense!


Anyway, cute video of my bunny going crazy.