Storms... xD And Very First Question Poll! :D

Hey there guys, and here's another post to my boring life. xD
This time, I'm going to talk about or should I say, 'rant' about storms. (Yep, randomness FTW! xDD). Well, I guess it's not actually totally random, like it just came into my mind, because like half an hour ago, I actually had a storm in my part of the world. (If you really wanna know where I live, it's in Canada, and that's all the info you're gonna get! :P). And so, you're probably wondering what I meant by 'question poll'. What it means is that every time I post something to my world/blog, I'm going to ask a question about anything and if you have time (or if you feel like it, I'm not going to force you to answer or anything... o.o), you can reply in the comments section. So, now every post is going to have that (I hope)! And, I guess if I feel like it, I can also write about what happened on that day or even past days, since this world is dedicated to sharing my life experiences. xD Anyways, I hope you guys think that the question poll idea is fun and that you want more of that! :D
Okay, back to the topic of storms. xD So, my question of today is... (wait for it... xD):
'Do you like experiencing storms of any kind (i.e thunderstorms, rainstorms, etc...), or are you just plain scared of them?'
The whole reason why I'm asking this is because I kinda like experiencing these kinds of storms. And don't ask me why, because I have no idea why myself. xD Is it maybe because it feels like something different, and by 'different', I mean, 'thrilling'? Well, I think it's because I never really get to experience storms everyday (and to be honest, I think blackouts are pretty exciting, too! Yeah, bring out the flashlights and start shining them everywhere! xD). But don't get me wrong, if it was an earthquake or a tsunami, or even a tornado/hurricane instead, I wouldn't be thinking that it'll be thrilling or anything like that, I would be panicking and finding shelter like any other person. xD
So yeah, if you want, you can tell me if you feel the same way I do, or you think I'm some sort of weird, abnormal person who only thinks that way (well, if you do think that: gee, thanks. xD).
Okay, so since it's been a few days, (and by what I mean by a few days, I mean five days. xD) a couple of things happened in my life. And by a couple, I mean, going back to school and starting grade nine for the first time in my life, and still being busy with STUCO stuff, like preparing and managing the 'Welcome Back Day Event' on Friday and participating in my very first pep rally on Wednesday, and realizing that grade nine is going to be a scary year. (Yep, scary. XD).
So, what I mean by grade nine being 'scary' is because the teachers of my school are always constantly telling us grade nines that we better not screw up this year, because this year, is the year when our grades determine which class we are going to in high school. (o.o A lot of 'year's. xD). And yeah, it may not be a huge deal, but it is to me, because I want to be put in a good class. (And I do not want to repeat a year to do that. xD). But, I'm pretty sure I can manage, I mean, I have good grades throughout all my years in school. Anyways, enough about that stuff (it's pretty depressing, not to mention boring and I'm sure most of you don't want to read about it. >.>), let's go on to me starting school. So, if you guys remember about me officially starting school on Wednesday, that's good. xD And if you don't, and you might have just clicked on this and didn't read about my other posts, then that's fine, too. xD Anyways, on that day, I realized that my three other friends (we are basically almost always together, because we were together in grade seven and eight), aren't in the same class together. But, I guess it's all good, one of my friends is in the same class as me and the two others are in another class together. (Eh, better than nothing. xD). And we get to hang out together at lunch and in STUCO, so it's not too bad.
Anyways, on that day, we also had a pep rally (which is my first pep rally I've ever took part in, if you remember). I'm not going to go into much detail, since I mostly wrote about it in my two other posts, so if you want, go ahead and check them out! :) It was pretty fun, but it was kinda hectic, too since we had last minute changes (Musical Chairs had to be left out, since we had a new gym floor and the chairs left scratches on the newly waxed floor. xD) and everyone had to be in line with each other, but it turned out pretty well. :D And on Friday, there was the 'Welcome Back Day Event' where everyone in the school has to participate in a variety of games to earn house points for their house/team (Leo, Aries and Pisces. By the way, I'm in Pisces this year and it's pretty funny since in grade seven, I was in Leo, our house won! Yay, but it kinda sucked, because the weather was bad and we had to stay inside the school and watch movies all day, instead of going to the park to have a BBQ. >.> In grade eight, I was in Aries. Too bad we didn't win that year as well, instead Leo won again. And this year, I am in Pisces. Lol, hopefully we win this year, and not Leo again. xD). I was in charge of one of the classes, I basically just wrote down how many points they won and whoever wore their house colour (Leo: Red, Aries: Green, and Pisces: Yellow). I was in charge of one of the grade eight Pisces homerooms, go fish! xDD
Soo, that's pretty much everything interesting that happened these past five days. Anyways, don't forget (if you want) to answer the question. And just in case you forgot what it is, here it is again so you don't have to look for it xD: 'Do you like experiencing storms of any kind (i.e thunderstorms, rainstorms, etc...), or are you just plain scared of them?'
Hope you guys like the question poll idea and I'll ask another question next time I post something. :D
But... before I go, here's the daily RANDOM FUNNY PICTURE TIME!!! XD: