Lychee Mochi FTW! xD

Hey guys! xD So, this time, I'm gonna write ('type' xD) what actually happened TODAY. STUCO 9 <--- (if you don't know what I mean by that, read the post before this one, which is underneath this post. :)) had to go back to school today to rehearse or go over the pep rally and to get more organized with who's doing what and what we have to do, so we know what to do when the real thing happens, which is technically tomorrow. Today was really fun too, because we were also goofing off and having lots of fun with the demonstrators, demonstrating the games. Especially when they demonstrated the game, 'Bananaloonahoop'. XD
So, we just did that for an hour or two, and after that, the BBQ volunteers had to go and help with the lunch. Two of my friends were picked to volunteer, so my other friend and I were just chilling out. And apparently, by 'chilling out', we practically walked around the whole neighbourhood to kill time. And, not to mention, 'stalking' one of our other friends too. What? We were bored. xD At around twelve-thirty, we walked back to the school, because that's the time when my friends were done from the volunteer work. But, we waited for a couple of minutes (like about ten minutes?), but they still hadn't came out yet, and we were starving, so we walked around some more. XD (I know, it doesn't really make sense, huh?)
Then, finally, they came out and we walked back to one of my friends' houses because we were planning to go to her house, anyway. When we arrived at her house, we ate food (yum, spaghetti with meatballs and beef stew. We even ate lychee mochi! :D) and played the Wii (we played this game called: 'Tamagotchi: Party On!' if you were wondering. xD), and played cards. Then around three to four-ish in the afternoon, I had to go, but it still it was fun! x)