My Very First Post! x3

Hi there! This is my first post on theO, so hopefully you guys will follow me on my life journey. Although, you're probably not going to... >.> Anyways, I'll start talking (or should I say, 'typing') about one of my most eventful days which was on the 31st of August (yep, the last day of summer xD). It was the day when I first had a 'STUCO' meeting. STUCO, by the way, at my school stands for 'Student Council'. As you can guess, the student council plans for our school pep rallies and events of the school. And there are three teams (houses), Aries, Pisces, and Leo. And basically, at the end of the year, the house/team with the highest amount of points gets to skip school and go on a field trip to this park and have a BBQ and have fun. x) Since, I'm going to become a ninth grader on Wednesday, I'm part of STUCO 9. So, this is my first time ever joining STUCO. :P
Anyways, back to the 31st of August. x) I arrived to school at around eight forty-ish in the morning because the meeting starts at nine in the morning to like around noon. A couple of my good friends are in STUCO as well, so it's all good. xD At around nine, one of the teachers in charge of STUCO came to lead us to the room where we have to discuss and create games about the first pep rally of the year, which is on Wednesday.
The first thing we did was to play this game where we have to be in groups and we have to go around the whole school completing these tasks and be the very first group to complete it all. My group was called, 'Team Confidence', it was pretty ironic since I don't really have any confidence at all (I'm one of those people who are good in school, but I rarely ever talk or ask questions. Basically, I'm one of the quiet people. xD).
So, me and two other people started on the first clue to figure out where we have to go next. We didn't go off to a good start. In fact, by the end of it all, we were the last group to complete everything. After our camera died (yes, we had to take pictures (of random stuff, that is) xP), I knew we weren't getting first place. xD We were last because it was all that stupid camera's fault, if only it didn't lose all of it's batteries. x( Of all of the cameras, we had to get the one with the least energy. Oh well, it was still pretty fun, though. :D
After that, it was snack time, yay! Lol. XD We ate muffins and drank juice. :3 Then, we started to plan and create different types of games where the people (students) would be able to participate in for Wednesday's or should I say tomorrow's pep rally. To be honest, I'm pretty excited, because it would be a lot of fun, but I guess that's just my opinion. xD Our group came up with this really random game where the seventh graders have to guess what grade the teachers' teach and then they have to eat a banana. XD Then, after that, the teacher has to high-five the eighth grader and they have to pop a balloon with their butt on the floor, then, the eighth grader has to high-five the ninth grader and the he/she will have to throw a dodge ball into a bucket. We called the game: 'Bananaloonahoop'. Lol. xD
Mostly my group mates were the ones who came up with the idea, I didn't really include anything. So credits to them! xD So, after an hour or so with coming up with the game rules and writing down all the supplies we need, everyone had to share their idea of their game that they came up with to the whole class. And after every group presented all their game ideas, we voted for the ones that we liked the most. We voted for these games: 'Bucket Toss', 'Musical Chairs', 'Speed Sketch' and (of course, the idea was too awesome. XD Bananas FTW!!) 'Bananaloonahoop'.
Then, when we were all finished with that, we had to choose six people to help out with the grade seven BBQ lunch on Tuesday (which is today), since only the grade sevens are coming to the school. Almost everyone wanted to volunteer to help out, so the teacher had to randomly pick six people. I didn't get picked, but oh well, I guess better luck next time. :) After that was done, it was finally the time when we were dismissed from the meeting. Overall, it was pretty fun! :D