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Welcome to my little blog and randomfest <3 i'm a weirdo but welcome


Sorry I have not been active lately, I have had to work so much. We keep loosing employees so I keep getting massive amounts of hours. It's tiring but I do get nice pay checks! As for the art world I'm working on a couple pieces, and I just got anime studio pro 11. I'm going to make some animated cuteness with some work. I got the hang of it (kinda) it's the first one I made I didn't like so I felted to but I'm going to work on more soon. I will post links to them or make gifs

Thank you all

I want to thank everyone for the. Birthday wishes and gifts yesterday. Would have posted this sooner but I was tores eveyone I know took me out yesterday I sware. But again thank you. Now if you will excuse me I have to go finish the cake I have. The tons of it lol.

Holy cow

Hey guys! I am still alive. Just very, very busy with work and stuff. Not to mention the art block i'm having right now ack! I can't seem to get poses right lately. I got some Prismacolor markers im going to start playing with. Keep and eye out for that! Been good other then that. How are you all doing?

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