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Welcome to my little blog and randomfest <3 i'm a weirdo but welcome

This art!

So I commissioned my bestfriends girlfriend to draw Nami and its amazing! Check this out!! Shes Moonyroot on twitter if you want to go check her out

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I want to revive the site

I really want to try and get this site active again, it was such a fun and enjoyable place! everyone is so kind to each other, but I am not sure how to go about that. I got a friend of mine to join. But thats as far as I got


I recently got a new toy with my tax returns a surface pro, so I am wanting to take some requests of other people's characters!! Please let me know if you want one! I will enjoy it a lot to try and challenge myself to get even better. Shading tips are also welcome please and thank you! I may not be active but I am trying to be more now that my job is stable and I have more free time so bring those requests out guys!!

SS wish list

Any of my pokemom Gijinkas.
My OC Ruby from Alice in the country of hearts with Blood Dupre
Crowley Eusford from Owari no Seraph
Team galactic any commandEr or the boss from pokemon

Join me

Hey all I set up a proboard if you want to join, I set a chat box up and such! I wanted to do this to keep in touch with all of you! I have used these for roleplaying in the past and its fun so please take a look!