Dear Secret Santa ... !

hi, I entered UnknownRumors's secret santa !! :D so here is my wishlist for this christmas...

Fay or Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Kero or Spinel from Card Captor Sakura
Future Trunks or Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z
anyone of my OC's >u<
anyone of your OC's >u<
Sesshomaru from Inuyasha
Camus or Hyoga from Saint Seiya
a Viera (from Final Fantasy 12)-> you can turn yourself into one XD <-
my Gaia avi:
Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Moon wearing a princess like dress
Tuxedo Mask <3 in a white smoking XD
any character from Alicia in wonderland

hope that's ok :D