Wellcome you all to my World! :D

I'm Cecilia, from Argentina. ( Se habla español gente!! :D ) and I'm here since...maybe 2007 or so (I changed accounts 2 or 3 times...or so XD) I love drawing and painting. My fave art style is traditional, to see and to make art, but I'm currently trying digital art...for 2 reasons:
1 because I want to XD
2 because I can't use my scanner and have not so much time to make traditional art the way i want ( = peacefully )

I'm not of the ones who can update a blog really often (Im lazy to do that and I dont really like to do that haha)...but I'll write some stuff from time to time... :)

Have a great day people, loves!


To do List....

ermmm, well, this is just a post were i'll write some pics i have to do

ID Contest Entry
Request for Sexy Pirate
Request for XxSkaterChicxX

since the ID contest entry has a deadline it goes first in the list XDDD

aaaassssshhhhh *sigh* =____=' i got another exam on June 20...gotta keep reading now

have a great day friends!

pd: request and Art trades are OPEN!


JaeDior Contest Entry

Hi friends!!! :d how're u doing? :D

here's my entry for JaeDior(somegirl here in TheO) contest!! :D colored with watercolours paints :D

link!: Click Here!!

i really like her idwa about "saving" the Traditional art...coz nowadays pple mostly uses tablets for drawing and painting...wich is cool, but well, allways is cool to remember our dear pencil, paper and colors! :3

wish u all have a great day!!

Brunette loves U! ;P

Hey Peple!!

Hello friends!! its been a while since i updated the site! :D

here's my latest work "Starry Child": link
I did it yesterday, and its for my mom's book...i still have to do like 6 pics more...and im working on the ideas...i was thinking about making a siren....and in other one some kids cooking....many ideas and many sketches, hope i can do something cool! :D

I'll list the work i still have to do:
*request for Tenshinoshino
*Spike gift for Beebopboy

please tell me if i missed someone :S :S

Oh i promised i'ld tell u my grade! :D i got a 8.70/10 in my exam guys!! :D im sooooooooooo happy :D if in the next exam i got another 8 then i wont have to do a Final Exam, that'ld be great for me XD so i'll do a great effort so that happens.

News about the kittens! :D thy are BIG now!! :D u have to see Elvis, he starts to run all over the house and the all of sudden falls in the floor with the belly looking at the sky looking to find some love from us XD he's sooo tender as all his sisters. Hope mom brings the camera home so i can take some pics of them. I really want to show u how big they are, since u all saw them when they were just babies.

Ahhh long post!!! Its a miracle, usually my posts contains 10 words lol

Yesterday (or i should say today in early morning?) i was talking to my friend Tim: he lives in Taiwan, and we were dreaming about travelling around the world (obviusly we said "...when we finally become rich people" hahaha that probably won happen, but anyways, i keep my hopes up to travel around the world) so well, here's my today's question: What place/s in world do u wanna visit someday?

Well my friends, i wish u have an amazing Sunday and a better week! :D :D

loves u all with my heart: Brunette

InsaneAndroid Request


Hope u like it! :D :D its 'sketchy' ;]

love u!


Currently ...

Hi people!!! im still waiting for my exams results....i still have tons of books to read...but i need o make little breaks!! otherwise i'ld die X.x' lol

so well, im gonna finish my inu-manga, the part one of chapter 2 coz there're still some pple reading it. ^^that make me happy :D

aaand i have to do some pics for my mom....for her note-book. So well, im so excited about that, hope she gets to like them all....i think i have to make like 7 pics :D :D

anyway, i was gonna say that Art trades and Requests are OPEN...so if someone wants to, pm me or comment this very post.

So thats all for today guys

hope u're having a Great Day!!

loves u: Chechi