Wellcome you all to my World! :D

I'm Cecilia, from Argentina. ( Se habla español gente!! :D ) and I'm here since...maybe 2007 or so (I changed accounts 2 or 3 times...or so XD) I love drawing and painting. My fave art style is traditional, to see and to make art, but I'm currently trying digital art...for 2 reasons:
1 because I want to XD
2 because I can't use my scanner and have not so much time to make traditional art the way i want ( = peacefully )

I'm not of the ones who can update a blog really often (Im lazy to do that and I dont really like to do that haha)...but I'll write some stuff from time to time... :)

Have a great day people, loves!


Hummm......24 hours? im not sure of that...

Hey there!!! How're u all doing? Hope ok, coz im not that Ok....

you see, i like this new version...but things such wait 24 hours to post the next pic ....i dunno. I know me as a patient girl...and i dont have a compulsion to submit. But it'ld be so nice of Adam if he give us some more freedom in submition time.

Today i've tried to submit a pic -it was a present for a friend- and i've tried in different hours...and the TheO repy allways was the same: You can nly submit one pic for 24 hours.
And that was the reply even when my 24 hours have passed.

Hummm...so, im taking a deep breath right now, and holding up my patient again n___n

so well guys, tomorrow wil be another day...and i hope my 24 hours have passed then.

In my other hand....i have tons of texts to read. Cell are such complex beings :O i like this stuff...but i allways get to the Mithosis and Meiosis point...and kinda stuck there hahaha but i'll pass trough it succesfully. I bet that. I'll put all my effort this time...

And i dunno if it happens to you, but when i read any science text i get some inspiration for a science fiction story lol....well, i can see stories and mangas everywhere haha so its not wierd for me to make a manga from a lil thing.

But its pretty interesting...im remembering something right now... and this idea comes to my mind all time...and i have it as if it were a true...and i like this true, coz i really believe in this:
A cell is as a planet like Earth.
The whole Body as the Cosmos, composed by many organs as Universes...

and then a Bible phrase, not textually, wich says the He made us similar to him. And i take some of those similitud in the way i told u before.

Pretty interesting.... and boring for many pple...but anyways! :D

Well, i think this post went too long xD Aiinss...hope my 24 hours to past lol
Im working on my zapexme Contest entry...i've choosen Death Note. By the way i've never watched that serie...but today i watched the Chapter one on Youtube and *___* i love the style and the story is good, even for me that im not usual to'Dark-animes' haha anyways, how're u all pple doing with the entries?

Ok, im leaving now, dont hit me haha

hugs for everyone!!!!!

love uuu



Hi friends!! How're u doing?? :D Hope ure ok.

Well, im bringing news here! You maybe will see it posted soon in Contests's site...but well, wanna tell u via here too.

My new friend zapexme is having a Contest!! Here's the explanation:

"It has to be the 2 main characters from the series Twilight from Stephinie Meyer it has to be them 2 as a couple or by exception beacause some people don't know that series it can be a drawing of Light and Misa from Death Note evn thow they aren't really in love the drawing has to be like romantic or funny NOTHING PERVERTED OR HAOIII

deadline: March 28th"

im gonna enter this! and im inviting u to do same.

hugs now!


Dark Princess

yea, ur eyes are ok...its black color xDDDD on my pic xDDDDD

i think it'ld be fun trying that color in this pic :3 Well, here's the link to it :D tell me what u guys think about it...

now i see it published i think it went out ok, but the girl looks tiny at bground side xDDDDD

i'll post a zoom of her face later so u can see that i colored her eyes! hahaha

well, hope u enjoy it!




New art Up!!

another sketch that i hope i can color in a few days. :D I dunno why but today i feel a compulsion....to draw! XD

so i'll submit mostly sketches and i'll color them later :D

Hum, talking about sketches and stuff....im working on a new story. Soon i'll post the main character's images so you all met them. It'll be a love story, and it was 'born' in Saint Valentine. That was my inspiration. I can't give you more details than these, coz i dont have any nme yet, except the title: "Love V.B!" (original huh? lol)

If you wanna know more, wait for my next post, and you'll met my characters and a little part of the stories!



hehehe ermmm....u know i speak spanish, and here're a few things i dont get in this new version, as some post-tyoes:



Also, in the Art-submitting there're 2 options in the menu before u push "Share your Masterpiece" :

Submit for publication

Store as draft/sketch

what's the difference between both?

If there's someone who can explain me this i'll apreciatte it a lot :3

Im finally getting used to this new place. Many pple is! :D And there's a lot of pple writing stories. I'ld love to, but since this site is english one, i can't develop my stories as i wish in another language...so i probably won't submit any FanFiction.

Instead i'll have to draw my stories as mangas xDDD Coz if i submitt my story in spanish many pple wont undersant....the major part of theO wont get a word since u all can speak english :S

So, well, that's my explanation. I tought i had to tell you my reasons.

I think this very site'll be used by me to talk about my art mostly.

Ok, i think it was a long post xDD sorry. Well, hope to 'recover' my friens in this new Otaku land xD

hugs everyone!

Have an Amazing day!