Step into the underground world of assassins where we do not familiarize ourselves with the term assassins but only known as Merchants of Death. We auction lives and prices can get high but at the end of the day we cannot lie, we do make good business.

Brother Assassin is an urban fantasy shounen manga set somewhere in Japan, in present times. It revolves around the lives of two brothers who are both assassins leading normal lives by day but grim lives at night. Under the orders of Kakeru, one of the most notorious Merchants of Death, they loyally set out to kill their designated targets. But unknown to their boss, they are not normal humans. They are Dark Beings, gifted with powers unique to the clan they are tied with. They have to form alliance with as many Dark Clans as possible, especially with the Four major Dark Families of the city because if they fail to do so, then their existence is at stake.

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------The HISASHII CLAN------

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------The CRUENTUS CLAN------

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Terms Introduction

I just wanted to write some terms here so if anyone is curious or confused... I hope this helps out. ^^

Council: A court led by the four leaders of major families of the city, followed by chosen members from other Dark Clans.

Dark Being: Human embedded with powers known as Dark Powers. They can change forms between human form and Dark Form at will.

Dark Form: A state of being a Dark Being.

Dark Powers: The powers that came with being a Dark Being. Individuals will posses powers that relate to their clan but its usage varies differently for each individuals.

Dark Aura: Every Dark Being has their own Dark Aura. A highly-skilled Dark Being can suppress their auras to render themselves invisible in the eyes of normal humans.

Dark Clans: Clans formed to protect its members. If the clan grew stronger and becomes more influential, the leader can change its status from a Dark Clan to a Family.

Dark Family: A larger and stronger version of Dark Clan, usually formed when the Clan is very powerful, has spread its influence and form a large following.

Peace Contract: Or simply known as contract. An agreement formed between two clans to cease attack on each other and form an alliance. It is sealed by blood, so each Clan sends a Sacrifice to seal the contract. The contract usually lasts for only a year so it needs to be resealed every year.

Sacrifice: A person involved in signing the contract. They are the ones who sacrifice their blood.

Merchants of Death: A secret organization where assassins gather to obtain information, do illegal transactions and choose targets.

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