DAMN TEACHER!!!!! *smacks teacher*

well now my math teacher is purposly anoying the hell outta me on purpose for no reason he wants me to do his math probems his way but i learned a lil short cut that works as the same concept but nooooo he juss always has to say no you cant do it that way even if i get them all correct he gets ticked at me and tells me to do them again and every time i stick up for myself he always hides behind the threat of sending me to the principals office for disobbeying him and during the problems he does on the board he always goes "no here is where u take the problem and multiply it by the answer.....CHAD" but he says it in a way juss so he can get me angry URG!!!! and it was the same teacher who made fun of tashia too im suprised nobody's planted his face in the floor cuzz he needs it badly but he's a substitute for 2 weeks at our school and hopefuly our real teacher will come back man i miss her i'll even hug her lol well yeah see ya