putting [political] things in perspective

first things first, i'm not a huge fan of politics. i am, in fact, somewhat of an anarchist/nihilist, but since anarchy breeds government* and nihilism is really depressing and dangerous, i usually just go with an overall 'i don't care'. which is also bad, but that's besides the point.

the real point of this post is to sort of point out some things that my political science teacher made clear to me in class. this man is very intelligent, and everything he's said so far makes so much sense to me, and i hope they make sense to you. also, this might offend some people. cool, whatever. i don't care. like professor majstorovic says; 'if it offends you...if you don't like it...just turn it off. don't bitch and moan about censorship. just walk away.'

1. early christians were communists. karl marx based a lot of his writings off of the ideologies of a group of people from 0-200 ad. these people shared everything and everyone was equal, to some degree. try telling that to your pastor/priest/what have you.

2. jesus is a 'damn liberal'. he (jesus) himself called for the separation of church and state.
[i haven't looked this up, and i didn't write the passage number down, but he quoted it word for word.]

3. nascar = the ussr.
why? because in nascar, everything has to be equal. everyone needs a fair start. no one can, in technicality, be better than anyone else. universal equality is one of the basic principles of communism.

4. the united states is not a melting pot. it's more like lumpy gravy.
[totally unrelated to everything. i just found it funny/accurate]

5. people need to stop being so selfish, and scared of helping those who need help. many right-wing exremeists put a large emphasis on gay-bashing and abortion, and steer clear of helping those less fortunate. how many times is homosexuality mentioned in the bible? once. how many times is helping those less fortunate mentioned. countless times. seriously, it's okay to be a little socialist.

for now, that's what i can remember and what i have written down.
professor majstorovic is one of my favorite professors this year, and i can promise you you'll hear more about the things he says as the semester goes on.

i love political science.

*my theory on this is pretty simple. since people are not perfect and many people do not have the same moral compass as others, anarchy is impossible. in anarchy, everyone is allowed to make their own laws, that only they follow. a good person will live a good life, hurting no one else and respecting his fellow man's personal laws. however, since humans are flawed, there will always be the one person who's personal law says it's okay to kill and rape and steal. because of this, those with decent moral compasses will see it necessary to punish said 'bad person' and there comes authority (since SOMEONE has to punish them), which is a foundation for government. if we were perfect, anarchy would work so brilliantly. but we aren't, so it won't. ever. much like communism. it'll never work, EVER.
["have you heared the saying about communism, "looks good on paper, but sucks when implimented?" -several people nod- "IT SUCKS ON PAPER TOO. don't be fooled." -professor steven majstorovic]