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what a glorious double standard

I won't say this is limited to TheO, because it certainly happens everywhere, but I notice it quite a lot on the user-hosted 'challenges' here the most. I'll be reading through the rules, trying to decide if I'd be interested in entering, and one thing pops up that totally, 100% turns me off from entering.
"yaoi is okay! yay yaoi! no yuri. ewww, yuri."
I mean, really. If you're going to objectify one set of homosexual couples, at least objectify both male and female. You're continuing a double standard and making yourself seem incredibly intolerant (at least from where I'm standing). Some will argue "it's my contest and I can do what I want, etc etc." and that's true. But you can't forget that the success of your contest is based on the entry of others, and others will judge you and your challenge on what you choose to include and exclude.

I suppose it just very much irritated me to see some form of the above quote and a few challenge rules. As I said, I choose not to enter challenges with that rule; I don't care to support someone who will openly accept a gay pairing but openly rejects a lesbian pairing.

I'm not trying to pull a "more tolerant than thou" act. Of course some will take it as such and I suppose that's how life is. But perhaps it's just important to remember that no one cares for double standards, and when you present one in your challenge criteria, to some, you become less tolerant and a less attractive option for entry.

/two cents.